10 Songs That Need To Be On Every Playlist This Summer

10 Songs That Need To Be On Every Playlist This Summer

Those long winter months are a thing of the past. No more layering up before going outside. No more sunsets at 4:30 in the afternoon. And thank god no more Mindy Project. I’m sorry but that show was awful, there’s a reason it was cancelled. Yes everyone it’s officially beach season. Trade in those bean boots for boat shoes. Now, no summer is complete without a fire flames soundtrack. So I’ve done all the hard work for you, scoured the Internet until my fingers went numb, and I have come up with these 10 songs that need to be included on every summer playlist. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: While I know some of these songs did not come out this summer I do believe that they will be a perfect addition to any summer playlist so quit your bitching and just listen to them already.


1: Major Lazer & Dj Snake – Lean On (Feat. MØ)

Ok I know this song came out way earlier in the year but seriously, great summer vibes. The perfect song for road tripping to the beach, chilling with friends at your house while enjoying the sunset, and most importantly super cool pool parties! If you ever want to get your dull parties fully turnt’ then just throw this song on, ok Grandma? And that music video, pretty cool stuff.


2: Sound Remedy & Illenium – Spirals (Feat. King Deco)

Sound Remedy can do no wrong in my book. There’s something about the drop of this song that is just so fucking amazing. Like when it hits it’s just a wave crashing over you of melodic awesomeness. And King Deco’s voice, wow, just wow. All in all another perfect song for packing a car and heading to the beach.


3: Sam Feldt – Show Me Love (EDX’s Indian Summer Remix)

Wooooooooooow. I’m sorry, I need to listen to this song all the way through again before I can talk about it.

Goose bumps. It lulls you in with its simplistic intro then the beat starts to build and you’re saying to yourself “OK, I don’t really know where this is going, and I’m cool with that” and then bang. You feel the music deep inside you and all you can do is dance. Just dance. And while you may look like a fool walking through Dulles with your headphones on, eyes closed, as you slowly start swaying to the beat. Just remember this: who gives a fuck; you’ll never see these people again so just enjoy it Zach. Basically what I’m trying to say is yeah, it’s a pretty good song.


4: Fetty Wap – My Way Ft. Drake

You know, I had to bring it back to the streets. I’ve been hearing a lot about this Fetty Wap character so I caved and gave him a listen. By golly his beats are sweet, and when you don’t have to look at his messed up eye they become that much sweeter. Pretty much anything you put Drake on will be gold. As you can probably tell I’m not as into the streets as I previously alluded to. I’m more a man of the cul-de-sac. But this song knows no bounds and for that, it has earned its place on this list. Congratulations Mr. Wap.


5: Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (MYNGA Remix)

What’s the one thing that Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ has been missing? Nothing, that song is fucking sick don’t you ever say another bad word about it or I’ll end you. So how do you improve something that needs no improvement? You add some funky guitar rifts, speed up the beat, and put in an incredible drop. And that’s just what MYNGA did. The result? A sweet sweet track that could bring even the most stonehearted of men to tears.


6: Bobby Green – Changing Me (Feat. Sean Michael Murray)

You know why I love this song? Because it bears it’s soul right from the get go. Doesn’t try to mascaraed itself as something else, no it shows you it’s cards right from the start. Let’s just say this song is the equivalent of having pocket aces. For the entire 4 minutes the song carries you along on a musical highway cruising at a comfortable 75 the whole way. If this song peaks your interest don’t be afraid to give other Bobby Green songs a listen. Some others I can suggest by him are: Julia Lauren – Reckless (Bobby Green Remix), Bobby Green – My PT Cruiser is DOPE, and Tiger La – Deadly Rhythm (Bobby Green Remix).


7: Imagine Dragons – Shots (Broiler Remix)

There’s nothing that can quite get me going like a little piano and electronic violin so when you couple Broiler’s funky beats with the sweetness that is Dan Reynolds voice you just win. I sniped the keys to my dad’s car simply so I could drive around, play this song, and try and look cool. And lets just say it worked. I was getting so many looks from all the pretty ladies down on M Street. My ego will be forever inflated because of it so that’s just something you’re going to have to deal with. Good talk. Great song.


8: Trapzillas – Summer In The City ft. A-Wax & Logic Ali & Riff Raff

Ladies and Gentleman, the Neon Icon is back like he never ever left in the first. Ok now I know it doesn’t credit him in the description for this song but I fucking know that’s 50 cent’s voice at the beginning. So someone do some research and find out if it’s actually him. Oh? You want me to do the research? Yeah, that’s cool I guess. I mean, I’m currently spoon-feeding you 10 bangers that I researched for all of 7½ minutes to find but yeah that’s cool, I’ll do more research. You selfish fuck. Just listen to the song already and stop reading this because I have no more witty comments to make. Bye.


9: Flo Rida ft. Robin Thicke & Verdine White – I Don’t Like it, I Love it (Nerd Superb Refix)

Can you guess how I feel about this song? That’s right, I don’t like it I thoroughly enjoy it. Ah, thought I was going to repeat the title in the text of this blurb. This isn’t your run of the mill blog, here at Dormroomonline we’re a little more complex with our analysis. But on a serious note, I love it. Just bangs. Just starts hot and your like “wow, this starts hot” and then the beat builds for a bit and Florida’s voice, sorry *Flo Rida* (what a ridiculous name), comes in and he just kills it. It’s not that different from the original just slightly sped up and a little deeper bass. But that doesn’t make it any less of a jam.

On a side-note: I just want to sincerely thank you Robin Thicke for introducing Emily Ratajkowski to the world. Your blurred lines video forever changed the game. And for that, we thank you.


10: Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It

I bet at the beginning of this post you were thinking “Hmm, I wonder what 10 songs Zach is going to add to this playlist” and unless you really know me well than you probably didn’t think I was going to add this song. You’re so ignorant. Oh what? You’re pissed because I added a song to my summer playlist that came out in 1981? Stop being an asshole, seriously dude. All throughout this post you’ve just criticized me. Never want to actually contribute but when it comes time to kicking a guy when he’s down you’re first in line. I don’t know why we ever became friends in the first place, Lewis. Yeah that’s right LEWIS you know who you are. But yeah, it’s a pretty good song.


Honorable Mentions

Action Bronson – Baby Blue ft. Chance The Rapper

-If you haven’t heard this song than get out of whatever rock you’ve been hiding under.


Felix Jaehn – Ain’t Nobody (Loves me Better) Feat. Jasmine Thompson

-Shout out Mike Birk for showing me this song.


FlatBush Zombies – RedEye to Paris Feat. Skepta

-Flatbush churn out jams.



I’m tired of writing this and I’m hungry (any snack suggestions? Comment below) so 13 songs seems like enough. If you disagree with any songs that I have listed here or think that I left any out than send an email to Won’tYouPlease@KillYourself.edu. Or start your own blog and write about it. But until you do that you’ll have to keep on reading what I write.