11-Year Old Marley Dias Starts #1000BlackGirlBooks Drive

11-Year Old Marley Dias Starts #1000BlackGirlBooks Drive

Marley Dias is changing the way young black girls read

Marley Dias is a bright 11-year old girl from New Jersey who loves to read. She noticed mostly all of the books that were being given to her to read in school contained characters that did not look like her. The books all contained white male protagonists, she told her mom about her problem and her mom asked what was she going to do about it? Marley Dias came up with a plan to collect 1000 books that contained black female lead characters so that her peers would have books where they could see themselves. Of course you’re wondering, what will Marley do with the books once she reaches her goal? Well, Marley is not new to being a servant of the community, she has traveled to Ghana to help feed orphans, and once she is finished collecting her 1000 books she will be donating them to a school and library in St. Mary Jamaica.

Marley Dias creats #1000blackgirlbooks

Marley Dias

Video: Marley Dias creates #1000BlackGirlBooks Drive

Marley Dias is not simply collecting books with black girls as the female lead, she is raising awareness about the lack of diversity in the school system when it comes to the selection of books being offered. Most public schools stick to the same books, year after year they never change or even question if the books they are providing students are diverse and up with the times. Hopefully this will start a discussion and create a push to have more books containing black lead characters available in schools.

Marley is taking both cash and book donations. If you would like to donate a book please send to the address below

GrassROOTS Community Foundation
59 Main Street, Suite 323, West Orange, NJ 07052

For more information please visit the Grass Roots Community Foundation website