@JenebaSpeaks Created a list of 185 Black Women In Tech To Follow On Twitter

@JenebaSpeaks Created a list of 185 Black Women In Tech To Follow On Twitter

185 Black Women In Tech To Follow On Twitter

Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt (@JenebaSpeaks ) is clearly a best friend in our heads. It always seems as though Black people never make positive lists of any kind (Black Actors your Oscar nomination struggle is just one of the many). Jeneaba is an attorney, business owner, blogger, columnist, and social media personality <– super woman. It came to her attention that Black Women in Tech were not making lists that tech journalist and outlets were curating. So, guess what she did? Jeneba created a list of 185 Black Women in tech to follow on twitter! This is the dopest thing I have seen all year, the women who have made the list are smart, beautiful, and fierce tech women who are very active on twitter. I started clicking on their twitter profiles just to get familiar (I am not a tech person) but its good to know someone who looks like me is out there doing it for the Black women in the tech industry.


Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt

There is a stereotype that exists when you think of tech savvy people and Black Women do not come to most peoples minds. This list has changed the game entirely, now this tech list curators don’t have to wonder if Black Women exist in the tech world, we know they do, and we have a list that says so. From CEO’s, app creators, philanthropist, editors, brand strategist, graphic designers, and so much more, you name it they do it. There aren’t enough thank you’s in the world or hugs and kisses to send to Jeneba for creating this amazing list. I sure am glad that a Black Woman decided to take the time out to create a list of so many powerful Black Women who we can tweet and follow. The list is below, share it, and be sure to visit Jeneba’s personal site to get the full list and backgrounds on each of these amazing women Jeneba Speaks.

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