2015 British Open Championship: Spieth, Spieth, Spieth, Johnson?

2015 British Open Championship: Spieth, Spieth, Spieth, Johnson?

You might be wondering why I am chosing to highlight a moment in time when Jordan Spieth, who has won two majors already this year, lost. Let me clue you in to my thought process. What’s the one-thing sports broadcaster say over and over about the great players? “These guys know how to win.” But what does ‘knowing how to win’ actually mean?

Essentially what they’re saying is that these guys have been through it all. They have won big, they have lost close ones, they have held 72-hole leads, they have made Sunday back nine pushes. No player can, or will, be successful until they ‘learn how to win’. This year Spieth is learning how to win.

So far Spieth has enjoyed unparalleled success. This past March, Spieth won the Valspar championship to become the 4th player since 1940 to win two tournaments prior to his 22nd birthday joining Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, and Robert Gamez.

Flash Forward one month. Jordan Spieth goes wire to wire with a Masters record tying 270 (-18) winning his first Major championship at the age of 21. What a beauty.

Side note: Anyone else see that picture of Spieth in the private jet with all his boys from high school flipping double birds at the camera. God damn, I’d do some borderline psychopathic stuff to be able to join them.

Side note to the side note: I’m writing this during the playoff for the British right now and Tom Rinaldi is interviewing Jordan Spieth who just fell short. World class, all charm, and handsome as the day is long. Guy’s really got everything going for him and I’m incredibly jealous.

New side note to the side note of the original side note: There once was a time when I thought I was going to be the next Jordan Spieth. Don’t get me wrong, I was no where near as good, but I saw Tiger back in the day doing his thing and I thought to myself “yeah, I could be into that”

Addendum to the new side note of the side note of the original side note: Is anyone even reading this anymore? If you are, why? I mean I know I’m fuggin Hi-larious but seriously, why are you still reading this? I’ll tell you why. Because I have an interesting take on current events, I write about issues that you, the reader, are concerned with, and I serve up healthy portions of comedy on a silver platter. What more could you possibly want? I honestly don’t even remember what I was writing about in the first place. It’s almost like I’ve partaken in certain activities that cause lapses in short term memory. But what could be that fast acting that from the start of this article to this very point it has already affected me this greatly. Hmmm.

We went on an adventure there for a moment but I’m glad we made it out alive. So back to Spieth, two months later him and DJ are going at it in Chambers Bay. Spieths meteoric rise is no surprise to those who have followed his career for some time now but this was his moment. It was almost as if his career was in limbo, hovering somewhere between good and great. In the sport of golf there is always a healthy amount of luck that goes into a victory. Unfortunately for DJ, luck was on Jordans side. Johnson missed a three-foot putt to force a playoff with Spieth and handed him his second consecutive major as well as opened the door to superstardom for the 21 year old.

Unfortunately now that brings us to today, The 2015 British Open at the Old Course. Let me start it off with I’ve been a massive fan of this years Open Championship. From all the hype leading into the tournament with Spieth winning last week at the John Deere Classic, to Dustin Johnsons’ pre-tournament comments about Jordan’s chances on winning the British, and especially the exceptional play from the crop of amateurs. 5 amateurs made the cut and 3 finished in the top-15: Ashley Chesters (T12, -9), Oliver Schniederjans (T12, -9), and Jordan Niebrugge (T6, -11).

Now here’s where I want to say something directly to close personal friend, and devoted reader, Jordan Spieth.


            Hey Jordan. J-man. J-boogie. I know how you’re feeling. No I personally don’t know how it feels to lose on Sunday at St. Andrews and ruin all chances of completing a Grand Slam this season, but I got a paper cut the other day so that was pretty bad too. Honestly man maybe this is a good thing. Let someone else win one. You’re only 22 years old. So far you have done something that Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Rory McIlroy have never done, win two majors before the age of 22. The only others to do that are Old Tom Morris, John McDermott and Gene Sarazen. But also you have learned an invaluable lesson this weekend. You learned how to lose. It’s a highly underrated skill. Your training in the fine art of losing began two years ago when you fell short to Bubba Watson and it has culminated this weekend. You are now a master loser. That sounds bad but let me explain. For the longest time Phil Mickleson’s name was synonymous with runner-up. It seemed like he never could win. Then one sunny April day Phil drained the winning putt leading to the bunny hop seen round the world. I have hope J-boogie. I really see something special in you. I can’t wait to see how you respond in August at the PGA Championship. That’s when we will really see what you’re made of Jordan. You better be ready to bring it.


Side note: Zach Johnson just won the British Open. Stud. All around great guy, congrats you deserve it.


Side note to the side note: He just said “I want to thank the lord”. Why? Why do that? Why do athletes always have to bring god into it just enjoy the fucking win.


Side note to the side note of the side note: I’m not fucking doing this again.