“Red Road Run” Dramatic Short Film

“Red Road Run” Dramatic Short Film

Director┬áRicky W. Jean-Francois sure knows how to make your mind race in less than five minutes. I recently checked out “Red Road Run” a dramatic short film that was directed by Ricky W. Jean- Francois and stars Ladele Tojula and Jasmine Avery. First, let me just take my hat off to the actors they did a really good job. Sometimes (well a lot of the times) it is hard to act in scenes where there are no words. The challenge for the actor is to be able to show so much emotion that in the absence of words we (the viewers) can still accurately follow along with the story line and feel like there is no difference between the presence or the absence of words. These actors took me moment by moment and I understood everything and totally forgot this film had no words, of course we were guided by music but the actors did really great.

The director also did a great job at capturing the emotion and giving a good story line to follow. This could very well have a part two (the writer in me had so many ideas). Watch the film and let me know your thoughts (clearly I loved it). Let me know if you liked it, loved it or just wanted it to end already.


Red Road Run
Starring: Ladele Tojuola x Jasmine Avery
DIRECTED BY Ricky W. Jean-Francois