Brandy stars in new sitcom “Zoe Ever After”

Brandy stars in new sitcom “Zoe Ever After”

Are we feeling Brandy in #ZoeEverAfter ?

Last night was the premiere of “Zoe Ever After,” starring singer/actress Brandy Norwood. Brandy who is known for her vocals made the transition some time ago into the acting world. Brandy is no newcomer when it comes to starring in a sitcom, (y’all remember Thea and Moesha). More recently she starred as Chardonnay on BET’s sitcom “The Game.” Now Brandy is playing Zoe a newly single woman after getting a divorce from her high profile husband Gemini who is a boxing champ on the show. Zoe and Gemini share a son who is old enough to know mommy and daddy are no longer together.

Brandy new sitcom Zoe Ever After


In the pilot episode we see Zoe and Gemini try rekindle a new flame but sometimes flames are meant to stay burnt out. I thought the first episode was surprisingly funny, I didn’t quite know what to expect but Zoe has spunk and I like that she is a career woman that wants to make a name for herself. Whoever is on wardrobe and hair (high five) y’all have my girl Brandy looking lovely (the entire show I couldn’t stop looking at Zoe’s green pants suit). I do think that the time slot might cause a problem, mainly because it’s late and people may forget that it comes on. I know they can’t move it up because FOX hit show Empire airs at 9pm (we not giving up Cookie for nobody). I really would like to see how the first season plays itself out, for now I would say that I will be tuning in next week…Zoe is about to get her groove back!