Stacey Dash’s remarks on “OscarsSoWhite”

Stacey Dash’s remarks on “OscarsSoWhite”

Coonin’ for a check?

Actress Stacey Dash has caused an uproar over her comments regarding her stance on the Oscars So White situation and her views on getting rid of Black History Month and the BET network. Stacey Dash’s most notably role as an actress might be her betrayal of Dionne Davenport in Clueless (a word that perfectly describes her at the moment).


Dash’s comments have gotten the attention of celebrities such as Gabrielle Union, Bun B and even her own cousin Dame Dash who says “she is coonin’ for Fox”. A sizable amount of Stacey Dash’s career is owed to black targeted entities. For years she has been featured in black movies, music videos, television shows and even magazine covers.

In summary Stacey Dash is what I like to call the “New Black”. “New Black” is a phrase to describe black people that get a little bit of money and privilege but forget what the real deal really is. Hopefully she stacked her checks from Fox because I doubt she will get a serious acting gig for awhile after this stunt.