The New Barbie’s – #TheDollEvolves

The New Barbie’s – #TheDollEvolves

Barbie’s are undisputedly the most popular toy of their kind on the market today. Barbie dolls are meant to teach young girls how to express and take care of themselves and help them decide what they want to be when they grow up.

Barbie’s are universal figures, career women, and role models all in one perfect little package. Despite Barbie’s good intentions, a concept which has been fiercely debated time and time again is whether Barbie is too “sexy” or not.

Barbie is notorious for having an idealistic and for most, unattainable, body type. Your typical, “average” Barbie doll has flowing blonde locks and piercing blue eyes painted onto a perfectly shaped face, stacked on top of a short torso with perky breasts and skyscraper legs.

Taking these long coming critiques into consideration, Mattel has released a new line of Fashionistas Barbie’s this year, calling 2016 “the Evolution of Barbie.” This sparked the trending hash tag #TheDollEvolves, which is the current header for Barbie’s website.

There are now four categories of Barbie. In addition to the Original Barbie’s, Mattel has debuted three new body types: Petite, Tall, and Curvy. In each category, the Barbie’s of that specific body type range in ethnicity, hair texture and color, and fashion style.

Left: Original Barbie. Right: Curvy Barbie.

Left: Original Barbie. Right: Curvy Barbie.

On the revamped Barbie site, Mattel states their plans to release the new dolls over time throughout the year. “The line includes 4 body types, 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors, 24 hairstyles, and countless on-trend fashions and accessories.”

This is just the beginning for the new Barbie. The makers of Barbie want young girls to realize that “#YouCanBeAnything” by offering products that promote female empowerment and inspiration.

Mattel released a heart-warming video called “Imagine the Possibilities” a few months back. The two-minute clip features young girls playing the roles of older career women, and real reactions of adults who observed them.


The video further promotes the idea that young women who actively pursue their dreams will meet their goals – and how Barbie’s can help them explore these dreams.

The Fashionistas will be released this upcoming spring and new career Barbie’s, such as President and Vice President Barbie, will come out this summer.