Free Ke$ha

Free Ke$ha

In today’s society there is a stigma that the victim in a rape crime is also to blame. Why is a person who was assaulted and traumatized being blamed for someone else’s horrific actions?

Singer Ke$ha filed a lawsuit against her producer Lukas Sebastian Gottwald aka Dr.Luke in 2014 for sexual and physical assault when she was 18 years old. Recently the verdict on the case to be released from her contract from Sony was denied and she must continue to work with her abuser. Her contract sates that she has six more months to complete with the label until she can be released.

The verdict has caused outrage amongst fans and artists alike but, the comments Ke$ha is receiving via social media is disturbing. The “victim blaming” routine after every women comes forward about assault is tiring and it is demeaning to the woman that was attacked.

A similar situation occurred when the women publicly confronted Bill Cosby about the sexual abuse they endured 30+ years ago. No matter if the statute of limitations have expired or not, if a woman was raped she has the right to speak about and her attacker must face the proper consequences.

Many women refuse to report the abuse because they are afraid of being slut-shamed and victim-blamed, 80%-90% of rape cases go unreported. But even when the crime is reported it is unlikely for the case to result in an arrest or a conviction. According to the Department of Justince, nearly one in five women are raped and out of 100 reported rape cases only 2% of rapists will ever see the inside of a prison.

The perpetuated idea that a victim shares responsibility with what happened to them leaves them with guilt filled with shoulda. coulda wouldas. The victim’s friends, family and even law enforcement often reinforce this. As a culture we need to ditch the lackadaisical attitude towards rape and the support a victim needs after a tragic ordeal such as this. Our society teaches men that sex is their right and that women are fickle and often mean yes when they say no. If rape were treated as serious as a murder crime or armed robbery do you think the victims and survivors would be taken more seriously?