A Modern Day Black Love Story…Alicia Webster @layersofstyle gets married.

A Modern Day Black Love Story…Alicia Webster @layersofstyle gets married.

Love Jones, The Best Man, The Wood, I could go on and on about my favorite Black love films. I think we all love them so much because we get to see what black love looks like with a happy ending. These days its a rare occasion when you see black people making headlines for simply being in love and that’s it. The point? I’m getting to that. I have been following Alicia Webster or how we all know her on social media @layersOfStyle since for and ever. A pretty girl who dresses nice and creates youtube videos, they really do come a dime a dozen on social media but Alicia was different, she seemed like a regular girl who I could be friends with. So I  followed her on social media and would peep in from time to time just to see what she’d been up to.

I remember when she made the big leap and moved to LA she is originally from New York City (I was rooting for her because I am a NYC girl who wants to move to LA). I also rooted for her when she found love and shared her love with her followers. She let us all in on a little but big secret…her and her new guy (Jaazer) made a decision to abstain from sex until they got married. Some might say that is a very unconventional decision to make in our age group and I might agree, but after rededicating her life back to Christ that was a decision that made sense. So would these two love birds last? I mean I was rooting for their happy ending but relationships are relationships, I wasn’t in hers but it seemed to be progressing. And then one day I peeped in on her instagram page and found out her guy proposed to her! Why I was so geeked up is beyond me, it was probably because in my head she was one of my home girls….and my home girl had just gotten engaged!


Wedding Photo taken from Alicia’s instagram page @layersofstyle

Flash forward to present day Alicia Webster got her happy ending, well beginning, she recently got married to her Prince Charming. What I appreciated the most was that she let us all in on her journey down the aisle but kept her privacy. She released some wedding pictures (which are gorgeous) and even did a Q&A video of how her and her husband met. After I watched the video the writer in me thought “this would make a good movie.” The reason it became a black modern day love story (watch her video) was because of how they met…ON SOCIAL MEDIA! If that’s not a modern day black love story then I don’t know what is. From “sliding in her dm’s” to becoming her husband (it’s possible). Watch the video, gush, because you are going to gush, and understand that what is meant for you truly will not pass you. And the next time that cute nice guy “likes” a picture of yours on instagram….you might be meeting your future. Congratulations again to Alicia (home girl in my head) I wish you nothing but blessings on blessings! And if I ever come out to LA maybe we can do lunch!


Bonus: Alicia & Jaazer Wedding Highlights

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huIRojeFaOw[/embedyt]