Adele brings back the art of storytelling with her new video “Hello”

Adele brings back the art of storytelling with her new video “Hello”

Almost five years have passed since Adele’s last hit album “21.” Adele is back with her follow up “25,” and we are all excited. Her fans (and that includes me) have been patiently waiting for another album but we haven’t heard much until now. Adele has released a video for her new single “Hello,” Adele’s new album is set to release next month and this video and single dropped at the perfect time. The video was shot in Montreal by┬ádirector Xavier Dolan. The video was dope, from the opening scene, I loved how every sound was paid attention to from the covers being taken off the furniture to the tea kettles sound. This attention to sound might have something to do with it being shot using IMAX cameras (this is the first music video to be shot using IMAX cameras). I love that the video is in black and white that always adds to the emotion.

Who doesn’t love a great story even if its about heartbreak? One of the things that I wish more artists did was get back to storytelling in music videos. Some of my most favorite videos are favorites because they have these amazing story lines. Adele brought back the art of telling a story that goes along with the song in her music video. She took you on this journey of love, loss, and heartbreak in under ten minutes. I cannot wait until November 20th for the release of “25.” Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts….