The Angela Simmons’ Comeback

The Angela Simmons’ Comeback

We all know Angela Simmons for being Rev Run’s daughter and the co creator of Pastry Shoes sneaker line, but now I hear she’s an actress too. When I saw this in the NY Times, I honestly forgot she existed After the sneaker line and her father’s TV show, I’ve known the star of the family to be Diggy (and I don’t even listen to his music). Even though she was on 106 & Park, I feel like that wasn’t enough to really bring her back. But I have update on The Angela Simmons’ Comeback!

Now I hear that she is an executive producer and appear in a new documentary about the sons and daughters of hip-hop stars. She also is apart of a feature film being released in 2016, “Supermodel,” which deals with racism in the modeling industry. Angela is going to be a supporting role as a fashion student in the show.

All I have to say is big ups to Angela! This inspires me to keep pushing in order to succeed in what really matters to me. I guess this is what happens when you sleep on people, they come out on top when you least expect it! Did I also mention she’s a like a gymoholic? Kind of like me now. Angela Simmons is on the grind y’all, you better watch out for her!

Well here’s just a little video I found of one of her workouts! Enjoy!