April Book Of The Month

April Book Of The Month

It’s April!!! The seasons are changing and the sun is out, and there are books to be read! For the month of April the Dorm Room Book club selection is “Love Delayed” by: Love Belvin. Author Love Belvin is a book club favorite, and trust me that says a lot because this book club does not latch on quickly to every author. I literally just finished this book the other night, in the beginning I wasn’t completely sold on the book.  Wait what? I know that because I pump everything Love Belvin y’all swear she a sponsor and pays me to write good reviews, not the case, but she is the hommie. I read Belvin’s previous book series and thought it had more drama out the gate (I guess I am a drama momma) so it took me a minute to adjust. The adjustment was made because the characters are different duh, but that’s not the case with every author, some authors are like music artists who create a staple sound, so if you like one song you like them all (think Jagged Edge lol). This book clearly was a change of pace but it keeps the drama up there, once I tuned out Azmir & Rayna (characters from Belvin’s previous books) I was able to get into Stenton and Zo (hence the adjustment).

This book I must say is a really good read, the main characters Zo and Stenton will have you on a roller coaster ride, from the time they meet it is not exactly love at first sight but somehow love always happens to find you when you least expect it. But can these two opposites find a way to make their love work? Zo is a smart college student who attends Princeton University and Stenton is a famous basketball player in the NBA who doesn’t exactly have the best reputation with women. These two collide and sparks fly but so does a lot of drama. This books retails for 3.99 on amazon using the kindle app.

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