Arizona Tea Contains Urine?

Arizona Tea Contains Urine?

As I was looking through my Twitter newsfeed today, I saw that FDA has founded human urine in Arizona Tea and is banning it from stores. However, when I did a little research online I see that it happens to be a fake. I’m not exactly sure what to believe considering that there have been reports about suspicious things being in Arizona Tea before, even though that has never stopped me from drinking it surprisingly.

There was a report claiming that the FDA found gallons of urine in containers at the company’s facilities. Supposedly, this report is a complete fake and the FDA has made no such remarks about Arizona’s Tea.

Tweets have shown that people aren’t caring if urine is in the tea anyways. People think Arizona Tea is so good then why not keep drinking it even though there’s pee in it. I heard that drinking you’re own urine isn’t bad for you, especially if you’re in a life or death situation.

Twitter user @autumnjurkowski stated “ig I drink pee #fuckit.” Part of me doesn’t blame her really considering that Arizona’s do taste really good. I probably won’t stop drinking until I get some concrete facts myself. I guess someone made this up in order for people to stop drinking Arizona’s. I guess it didn’t work. I guess they’ll have to try harder.

#Arizona Tea Contains Urine ..?


Mazi K