Author Love Belvin Reveals New Cover

Author Love Belvin Reveals New Cover

Author Love Belvin is back with a sneak peak from her upcoming novel “Love’s Inconvenient Truth” set to release this Spring. For all her fans the cover reveal caused a lot of excitement when she dropped it last Friday. I always wondered what was the big deal about revealing book covers, I didn’t get the “wow” in it until I became a true blue fan of certain authors and it was then I began to impatiently wait for signs of new work from them (book cover reveals). The book cover for me is like releasing a single, no, scratch that, it’s more like a snippet of a single. It gives you just enough to reel you in, it also provides some insight to what the book is going to be about. For some reason (and maybe because my mind has taken permanent residence in the gutter) the cover clearly shows a women’s legs but doesn’t it look like her legs on her the shoulders of a guy? Or is it just me showcasing my gutter residence? Anyways, you be the judge…check out the cover below and a snippet of what we can expect this Spring from Belvin.

Love’s Inconvenient Truth

What can Elle Jarreau, a seasoned woman with a skewed view on love, learn about the verity of fairy tales from a man nine years her junior? Apparently a thing or two.

“I don’t believe in fairy tales; only acquainted with reality. I understand there are people who are genetically damaged in the womb. Some of these people, like me, are destined to be alone. We’re too strong willed; our power too potent and can destroy all around if wielded.”

Jackson Q. Hunter isn’t your average 26 year old. Forced to be a man before his time by his well-connected, extremely resourceful, and very wealthy father, Jackson is especially conversant on commitment and crowning a woman.

“Fairy tales don’t always have to be a forsaken concept. Sometimes it’s a matter of viewing it from the right perspective. Sometimes you have to simply choose a more suitable illustrator. Even we haunted cynics can find liberation in the mendacity of fairy tales. Sounds like your demons would fit nicely in my haunted closet with the rest of my iniquities.”

As secrets are unveiled and nightmares illuminated, see what they learn about self-acceptance and self-forgiveness when they find redemption through their mirrored self-exiled darkness.