Autumn is here…So what to wear ??? Fall Fashions and Tips

Autumn is here…So what to wear ??? Fall Fashions and Tips

Fall is officially here! Summer is gone turn off those air conditioners and break out those cute cardigans! I know everyone is super bummed out that summer is over BUT I personally love Autumn it is a great season. The season to get that long awaited hair change, yes it is time you have been saying when the weather breaks you are going to change your hair but now is the time to do it! Whether you are cutting those locks off or added them Autumn is the best time to do it.

anne-hathaway1Besides the good old hair change, there is those nails that need to get some TLC. I am a true believer that when you pay attention to the little things it makes a big difference on the big picture. So even though nails are something minute to some a small splash of color on those nails can make a big difference on the entire picture.

I personally love with all my heart Fall nail colors, I usually go from wearing my bright colors to scaling it back a bit. I really like doing the half moon manicure because you can have a fall color which might be a nude or a midnight blue and add a lighter color. This helps when you don’t want to just say good bye to your bright colors that you used in the Spring/Summer you can still incorporate them into your Fall nail looks.

So we have you hair and nails covered now we need that perfect jacket to switch it up and this is why I am a huge fan of Autumn! The Jackets! Oh the Jackets! From the leather to the trench a great fall jacket makes everything worthwhile. And lets not forget those colorful and warm cardigans!

So we have your hair, nails, and outerwear covered! I love taking care of the basics because as long as you have a starting point when Fall comes then you are in good condition. I am a person who could be called obsessed when it comes to accessories lol so I have some accessories that are must have for any season BUT can really be great for Fall.

movado-steel-womens-esperanza-stainless-steel-bracelet-watch-product-1-4591426-278067859_large_flexIn my world nothing else matters if a watch is not present. I feel as though with a nice watch you could make a fashion statement that not only lets people know who you are but add some style to your outfit. I am currently OVER the big over sized watches, it was great for awhile and I still love to wear a cool over sized watch at times BUT I so love and appreciate a simple elegant & timeless piece (pun intended)

I really love silver and gold plated watches, for me a watch not only shows your personality it also brags about your sense of style (and bank account) without saying much. A Louie of Gucci bag may get someones attention but if you have a vintage Movado on your wrist you turn heads. #JustSaying lol

Four-Prong-Basket-Studs-Pair-of-Classic-0.25ctw-18k-White-Gold-Princess-Cut-Diamond-Earrings-big02342 Q3504-stainless-steel-hoop-earrings-stainless-steel-hoops-earrings

Also to add to that Fall look you can NEVER and I mean NEVER go wrong with a gold hoop or a diamond stud. I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE ON THE PLANET SAYS, if you have nothing else but a gold hoop and a pair of diamond studs half the accessory battle has been won! Now I would add some cute bangles & necklace but what I am saying is sometimes LESS is MORE. I often wonder why on earth do some girls OVER Accessorize with their clothing? You can go from looking fab to looking like a Christmas tree in a split second.

I am all into adding and stacking when it comes to accessories but if you are are not sure if your about to look like a Christmas tree then I suggest you gold hoop it or get those studs out. And if all else fails look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Could I be sitting in the middle of Rockefeller Center?”

h5abwl-l-c680x680-scarf-neon-pink-scarf-www-seno-etsy-com-seno-scarf-seno-accessories-infinity-hot-pink-neon-neon-pink-scarlett-johanson-pink-scarf-trendy-2014-scarf-trends-scarf-trends-2013-fashionSo now that we have you with some starter accessories we can now add the scarf. I have a ton of scarves in my closet, in so many different colors and with so many prints I could make curtains out of all of them.

I think a cool scarf can add that zest to your outer wear and give that leather or trench jacket some flavor and attitude. I believe in a cute scarf and stand behind it with my everything (when I say it like this I sound super serious lol) But I am serious a cute scarf in the Fall has been known to save a boring jacket and give a guy something to compliment a girl on besides her big booty lol. So go out and purchase some cute scarves and go wild…add the color that you might be afraid to add to your wardrobe to your scarf collection. I know many people work in the black & white dull colors of the world known as corporate America but you can come alive with that perfect scarf and then take it off while at work.

elle-09-prada-baroque-sunglasses-xln-lgn And last but certainly not least the cool pair of shades. Now I know there is someone out there who only wears sunglasses in the summer and I want to slap you because you have no idea how amazing a great pair of shades can be. Sunglasses can literally make or break your face and an entire outfit…you might think that I am being dramatic but I have seen a person have on thee most basic outfit but their shades gave them LIFE!

I personal love shades, one they make anything you have on look cooler and they also add a certain mystery to you if done right. For me shades are golden, they help me when I am tired and they help me when the sun is out and I am still in my vampire state of mind. But besides hiding my sleepy face they add style and a certain pazazz to your outfit.

I love the wayfarer sunglasses BUT I feel as though it has been done and redone. Yes I know you love you wayfarer RayBan’s but we can add a little more than that when it comes to choosing a cool pair of shades. Tip: Make sure you choose the best pair for the frame of your face. Now to some this seems very obvious, but I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people who need a bigger pair of shades for their round faces. Also you don’t have to pay a zillion bucks to get a decent pair of sunglasses, now I personally wear shades anywhere from 20 bucks to 300 bucks BUT that is because I really love shades. I have found some of my most favorite summer shades at random stores for 10-20 bucks and sometimes even cheaper. So no every pair does not have to be Gucci in fact if you are a person who looses things easily I would highly recommend you start out with a really nice cheap pair of shades (you will thank me later when you have lost a 10 pair of shades vs. loosing a 300 pair of shades)

Well that wraps up the Fall must have’s in my book everything else I will leave the fashion kings and queen on the internet. I cannot wait to go and get a pumpkin muffin from Dunkin donuts (because they only sell them in the fall) and throw on a cute leather with a nice scarf and pretend I don’t have a care in the world.

And if you can’t find one reason to love Fall here is thee #1 reason why you should adore fall….

o-SCANDAL-SEASON-3-POSTER-570Yessss! The new season of Scandal premieres October 3rd!!!!!!!!! Reason #1 to adore Fall!