BET Uncut is coming back…but why?

BET Uncut is coming back…but why?

The “Black Entertainment Channel” also known as BET has announced that one of their most scandalous shows that was taken off the air will be making its return to our television screens. “BET Uncut” will be airing next Tuesday, all I could think when I saw the promotion is…why? BET Uncut ran from 2001 until 2006, the show is a combination of over sexualized music videos that couldn’t get air play during regular music video time slots because of how sexual they were. The show came on at 3am (when kids were supposed to be asleep). The promotion that has been circulating for the show opens saying “the rawest and most controversial music video show is back” but this time it’s not returning in the wee hours of the morning it will be returning on Tuesday at 11pm.

Just when I was starting to like Little Debbie and them they go and pull this. No, don’t bring back “Teen Summit” a show that actually helped young minds get their feelings and voices heard. Nope don’t you dare do that, bring back raunchy videos that will make young minds who are already overly consumed with poor images of what sex and sexuality is and add onto that. The Black community certainly needs another show showcasing black women being viewed as nothing more than sex objects. This is one of those instances when the popular phrase, “we need to stop being apart of the problem” rings true. I just want to know who was in the meeting when BET Uncut was mentioned and being put back on television came after that? We have the internet, everything raunchy is at our disposal already, BET y’all have to get it together, did y’all not see the #ArchThatBackChallenge ? This is without BET Uncut, now imagine what happens when artists start to create more songs and videos just to get on the show? No, not one person in the meeting thought of that…smh.