Beyoncé accused of Cultural Appropriation…

Beyoncé accused of Cultural Appropriation…

Cultural Appropriation or Nah?

Last week Beyoncé made headlines when Hymn For The Weekend was released where she is featured with Cold Play. Every Beyhive member (myself included) was waiting for Queen Bey to make her return, so when the video was released the internet went up in a frenzy. The video was directed by Ben Mor and shot in Mumbai (a city within India) and contains a lot of Indian culture. From the color powder that is thrown (custom cultural act that is in the Holi spring festival) to the garments that are worn by Beyoncé herself. Each scene Beyoncé has on different garments that is traditional to Indian culture and this is where she is being accused of cultural appropriation…

Beyonce Cultural Appropration

Twitter got hold of the debate and the people were speaking on both sides, was Beyoncé guilty of cultural appropriation?

Beyoncé shouldn’t get a pass if she is in fact guilty of cultural appropriation but do people know the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation? In the TIME article the writer suggests that it’s not cultural appropriation, and that the video actually helps showcase the beauty that is in India. Watch the video below, and ask yourself is Beyoncé guilty of cultural appropriation or just playing a Bollywood actress for a music video and showcasing the beauty of the culture of India?

 Video: Coldplay ft Beyoncé “Hymn For The Weekend”