Beyonce + Mr. Bob

Beyonce + Mr. Bob

Okay so a couple days ago Beyonce revealed to us the new short look that she had going for her. As soon as she uploaded the picture to instagram the entire #BeyHive went into red alert and the social media frenzy was crazy. Some people loved it, some people debated if she really cut her hair OR was it a really nice wig? With all that said girls everywhere were warned that they are not Beyonce…Beyonce is Beyonce and she can cut her hair and then not like it and have enough money to afford the hair to get back the length she wanted. So the social media disclaimer became “Don’t try that cut without professional adult stylist supervision.”


Beyonce picture from her instagram page

Then out of nowhere fans started to wonder if Beyonce was gonna keep this hair for the remainder of her scheduled shows? Everyone loves when Beyonce performs and she swings her blonde locks, so was she gonna go dig out the wigs for her shows? In no time Beyonce switched it right up on everyone and introduced a new short

At first glance at the photo that was released above I did not like the look on her at all. I was thinking…bring back the blonde wig honeyyyyy! But after pictures surfaced from her performance at the 2013 V Festival my thoughts soon changed.


Photo from celebuzz


Photo from celebuzz










I thought to myself Beyonce did that! She made the BOB work for her. I remember when she rocked the short look while making the movie “Cadillac Records.” I thought the short look was okay on her then but this BOB is giving her life! It is very stylish, sleek and sexy and she is working it while performing her shows. She is headed to Philadelphiaย for theย Made in America Festival which is on August 31st. I do wonder if she will keep the look for the remainder of her entire tour or go back to the famous long blonde look. I personally think she should stick with this new hairstyle for a little while. I prefer this look over the first short short look but she has a nicely framed face so she can work it either way.