The Importance of Black History Month

1390273370_ratioI was not necessarily going to do a post in this manner because I am honestly tired of defending Black people to other Black people. It really is a task because we are always defending ourselves to someone. When I say black people I am including myself, not to go off on a tangent but I am always annoyed when black people speak negatively about our race and seperate themselves as if they are not black. “I am tired of black people doing so and so, black people get me so sick.” Why are you doing that ? You are not any less black by doing it you look stupid so stop it.

1601093_699968776701418_476213267_nI have seen this picture floating around on the web and to anyone who posted it your very uneducated. For you to be so simple-minded to think that the only reason that black people have “Black History Month” is because white people let us have it is just dumb. The sad part is that on every page I saw it posted it was on a black persons social media outlet.

As a black person who went to school other black kids I was fournate to learn about how Black History month came to be. It all started with one man  by the name of Carter G. Woodson an alumnus of the University of Chicago and Harvard (oh and yes he was black) it started out as “Negro Week” a time to celebrate and learn about the achievements of black people. Read the full article here ->

Why is everything for black people most hated and criticized by black people? This is the only race that helps break down it’s own race at the same rate that people who hate us do. You can debate the many ways we can find a solution about how to save and secure the future for the black people but you do not have to put the race down while doing it. If you tell me “I am tired of seeing all these black women act like bitches and hoes we need to do better” that is in no way shape or form giving a solution. Maybe they never knew how to be anything more and you just stating your tired of seeing it did what exactly?

BlackHistory2014sm“Black men need to stop being so lazy and get up off their asses and work,” “Black women need to stop being baby mommas and start being queens.” There is nothing positive about anything you say when you are being negative and then separate yourself in your wording. If you want us to do better as a people then be apart of the solution, you simply overstating there is a problem in the black community is doing nothing? You trying to prove your not as ghetto as other ghetto black people is accomplishing what for your race…nothing. Do you think a person who hates black people will look at the “ghetto black person” and look at you and see something different? And if you are trying so hard to just be better than other black people just to get a round of applause from other people you need more than my post to fix you (Taps Iyanla Vanzant.)

Do you know who you are and where you came from? Black people are everything and so much more, to know the history and the stories behind the plight of the black race is to truly know God. When I look at history and read the stories and see the courage, strength,  passion, and craving for change by any means necessary I know being black is everything. To ride a freedom bus knowing you will die all because you want to see your future offspring of people benefit is amazing. I am astonished by the fact that my people made pyramids, we come from Kings and Queens who were intelligent beyond their times. We were inventors, creators, find a way out of no way group of people. In a time of Jim Crow law you had blacks graduating from college and becoming Civil Rights leaders, those are my black people.

We went from the slave ships, to the cotton fields, to whites only, being beaten to death for whistling at a white women, marching for freedom, ensuring our right to vote, not taking no for an answer when they denied us entry into schools for equal education, to sitting in the senate seats, to becoming a President of the same country that denied us human rights for so long. Even today we are still fighting for freedom, I am proud of being black and all that comes with it

Selma_to_Montgomery_MarchesI have never said black people were perfect but we have to look at our achievements to understand just how amazing we are. So if you are one of those people who celebrate Black History all year than fine but a lot of black people don’t always choose to watch the PBS special about the history of Black people in America they may choose the entertainment reality television show.

What I suggest that you do is something simple to educate yourself. Go to a museum or read a book even watch a movie that looks into the past of our history. Whatever you can do in this month do it, so many people you can learn about by just reading a book or even doing a google search. I have chosen a few books below if your interested in books to read but don’t have the time to go looking.

41bVcxXL4FL._SX200_“BUCK” by: MK Asante







9781613740125_p0_v1_s260x420First Class: The Legacy of Dunbar, America’s First Black Public High School by: Alison Stewart







3d6fbb1c51624283b794fd5b15e2f536The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street by: Robin Walker







In_The_Company_of_Black_Men__78626_zoomIn the Company of Black Men by: Craig Wilder







There are so many books and movies that I could really go on and on, but I just wanted to share a few that came across my kindle and made for a good read. I encourage all of my black people to learn something new this month. Trust me when I say you will be inspired, I have never read a book happy or sad about black history that didn’t make me want to be better and do more. We come from a great strong people, we have to embrace it and most of all educate ourselves.

I remember two years ago I posed the question, “Will Black History Month still exist in our future?” check it out below….