Let’s Talk About Mental Health – #BlackMHM Movement

Let’s Talk About Mental Health – #BlackMHM Movement

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The woman in the video above is Ashley Danyel Freeman, founder and creator of the blog Don’t Die Afriad. Ashley, also know as Fearless Ash, created her blog in order to motivate herself and others to no longer let fear control one’s progression in life. Usually, her post include self-love post, inspirational quotes/stories, her travels, etc. but one of her recent post have captured many people’s attention and Ashley hopes it will begin a movement.

As mentioned in her video above and the conjoining blog post, the matter of mental health is one that is rarely talked about, especially in the community of color. For instance, on the Being Mary Jane episode that aired Tuesday evening (without giving anything away) the conversation of mental illness was brought up. Instead of the characters feeling somber about the topic, they instantly ventured into the realm where many claim “people of color do not suffer from such conditions.” One of the characters countered their belief by mentioning conditions such as depression and being suicidal are indeed mental illnesses that can affect all people. Watching their dialogue was an accurate┬árepresentation of how conversations surrounding mental illness are conducted in many communities of color.

Ashley’s mission and recent movement is seeking to disband the stigmas set against those with such disorders and bring awareness/open conversations to said communities. Her movement is entitled the “Black Mental Health Makeover” movement.


Screenshot from DontDieAfraid.com

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