Branding and copywriting for your next big brainchild.

Branding and copywriting for your next big brainchild.

So you have everything, the business idea, all of the paperwork done, the logo, and basically everything that you need to successfully launch or relaunch your business. There is only one thing missing, you want to make sure that once your new site or mission statement is done it accurately represents your brand. We are not talented in every area and while the idea of “out working” your counterparts seems like a good slogan on social media the reality is you need help from people who specialize in areas you may fall short.

That’s where this guy comes in, Brandon Moorer has recently launched his new business to help people like you with branding and copywriting for your next (or current) big brain child. It may sound fairly simple, you the business owner going over and over your “About” page or maybe you just started a new non profit and you have edited your pages over and over again. As soon as you hand it to your friend they find a mistake by the second line, why waste your precious time when you can have someone help you? Well that is just what Brandon does, he helps you with everything, from copywriting, brand consultation, strategy design, and copyediting he can help you take your brain child to the next level. Don’t believe me? Check out our about page, oh and the message from the creator of Dorm Room Television, yeah he helped transform our site. Be sure to visit Brandon’s new site (his prices are amazing, tell him I sent you, it probably won’t help, but I have always wanted to say that lol).