Brownstone Unlimited YouTube Channel

Brownstone Unlimited YouTube Channel

Over the last month, I’ve realized that I want to get more into makeup just in case I need to look really nice one day and I don’t want to pay anybody. Also I think it’s kind of fascinating on being able to transform your face with different products and colors. Makeup can spice up your whole look with just spending extra money!brownstone 2

So I have been stumbling upon YouTube tutorials because everyone seems to have a makeup channel nowadays and for the most I didn’t find any channel that I would want to watch all of the time. That changed when I was on Twitter and someone retweeted a picture of Bryanna Brownstone where she was showing off one of her makeup looks that she uploaded on her YouTube channel. So I decided to take a look at her channel to see some of her tutorials. She has a good amount of followers on her YouTube channel and social networks, so I figured that she must good.
As I watching, I really liked the makeup looks she did. brownstone 1There is a lot variety within her tutorials that she shows her viewers. There was one look she just posted on Twitter and one day I will have to master that look whenever I get serious and start doing my own makeup. (The look to the right!)

brownstone mainOnce I started following her and Instagram and Twitter, I realized that I honestly enjoy how she does her makeup. Her videos aren’t too long and she doesn’t talk too much where I feel like I just want to fast forward through the entire video.
If anyone needs help creating different looks, I would definitely recommend Brownstone Unlimited YouTube Channel. She also does basic tutorials on how to fill in eyebrows and how to use contour/highlight for those who are just starting!
Here is her latest YouTube video and I hope you subscribe!
Mazi K