“Call Me Caitlyn” The New Jenner

“Call Me Caitlyn” The New Jenner

Back in April, 65 year-old world famous Olympian Bruce Jenner came out as transgender during an exclusive interview on ABC’s “20/20” with Diane Sawyer. Over many months, the public began to notice changes in Bruce’s appearance, from long hair and ponytails to fresh manicures and plastic surgery. Now the time has finally come for us to put a name to this beautiful new face and welcome Caitlyn Jenner into our world!caitlyn jenner tweet


Annie Leibovitz captures Jenner’s new identity on the cover of July’s edition of Vanity Fair, where Jenner will talk about the life she always dreamed of.





“As soon as the Vanity Fair cover comes out, I’m free,” says Jenner in the promotional video.

This is a huge step in Jenner’s journey to becoming the woman she’s always been and I know myself and many others are so excited to finally meet Miss Caitlyn.