Can Karrueche Tran Live???

Can Karrueche Tran Live???

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever been hurt by love? Have you ever willingly given someone the ability to break your heart, treat you less than, and then give them a second chance? Has someone ever done something to you that under any other circumstances you wouldn’t even know them but because of love not only do you know them you love them? If you have answered yes to at least one question then I don’t think you can honestly say that Karrueche Tran is simply some stupid person in need of attention. And maybe she is in need of attention we all need attention from someone but I watched like you did as Karrueche told Iyanla her side of the story.

We have all seen her being publicly dragged through the mud time and time again, one would think she was a murderer when all she did was fall in love with the wrong guy. I mean yes, I admit I called the girl crazy for going back to Chris Brown time and time again after he kept publicly disrespecting her. But I also never hated her (not the way some of you do). How is it possible that Karrueche gets dragged for being dumb but everyone keeps turning a blind eye to Chris Brown’s disrespectful ways? But this post isn’t about him because in America when you are famous and have adoring fans that gets you an automatic pass. Yes Karrueche did become famous by association but she also became a person who literally woke up and went to sleep to the world hating her, and it was all because of who she fell in love with.

We have all allowed someone extended stay in our lives who brought nothing more than hurt and pain. But when you’re in love sometimes its hard to find your way out. “She stayed for the money, she stayed for the luxury of being Chris’s girl.” I’m sorry but at this point I truly believe she loves him, she could have went into the thot 101 manual and just had a kid (its not like it doesn’t happen). I think she wanted her happy ending, she thought she could change him, she thought he would change if she just stuck it out and kept loving him, sounds familiar? Maybe its because I am a woman, or maybe its because I am a human who has feelings that I know its not black and white when it comes to relationships. I do think Karrueche has a lot of growing to do but I also don’t think she shouldn’t get a chance at being more than Chris Brown’s ex. I am sure if we all were simply known for our worst relationships a lot of us wouldn’t come out the house. (Bloop!)

“But why did she need to go on television to talk about her relationship?” Why not? Her entire relationship was played out on social media and in the tabloids surely this couldn’t do any harm. I did find her act brave because everyone has some shit to say about her, but this wasn’t about them it really was about her. Maybe she is still in denial but she will always have that tape to watch of her admitting to her mistakes, her prayer to be strong, she will have some sort of reminder of where she once was mentally. I personally think that Karrueche can turn this around for herself and do great things, if she wants to be an actress then go ahead, y’all still letting every single Kardashian rock and buying all their shit so YES I do think Karrueche deserves a chance.

I got a better understanding of who she was, I saw a young woman who was just trying her best. And even if her best wasn’t enough I do think she was coming from a place of love when she kept going back to Chris. She just wanted to be with the person who she fell in love with, and for that I can’t say I am mad at her or call her stupid. She wanted her happily ever after, don’t we all?