Cigarettes to the Left, to the Left

Cigarettes to the Left, to the Left

Left Swipe Dat video featuring Fifth Harmony and Becky G is based on the social network app, Tinder. On Tinder, when someone sees a picture they like, they swipe to the right, however when someone sees a picture of someone else who’s unattractive then they swipe to the left.

The video talks about how smoking is unattractive and seen as “uncool” by many young teenagers. In a behind the scenes interview with MTV, Fifth Harmony described their reasoning for doing the video. They thought it would be relatable to the younger generations because they included social media and other artists within the video, used modern language young adults can relate to, as well as, think this video being a fun way of doing something positive. Their ultimate goal is to get rid of smoking once and for all.

There’s also a proven fact mentioned in the Behind the Scenes interview saying that people receive double the likes for posting pictures of them not smoking than someone who smokes.

I think the message of the video is positive and what Fifth Harmony is trying to do is respectable and a great way of spreading facts about people finding smoking unattractive. I am personally against smoking of any kind; it doesn’t have any positive effects on the human body, so I don’t really see the point of doing it. However, I find that video would attract a younger audience around the ages of 13-14 not any person older than 16. The video was on borderline cheesy and the goal of using language and social media made the video look stereotypical with a catchy tune. If the goal was to address smoking to younger children than the group succeeded, but I feel like they were looking towards an older audience considering most of the people in the video looked over the age of 18. If the video was to attract an older audience, it could have taken a more mature approach on the appearance and the layout of the video. Sometimes you need more than just a catchy tune to have a successful video.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out right here.



Mazi K