Cocoa Sarai  -Raining In My Room (Official Music Video)

Cocoa Sarai -Raining In My Room (Official Music Video)

“Now give the drummer some! Show off! Show off!” I remember those were the words that singer Cocoa Sarai said to the drummer as he played his solo along side of her. I was at the Sunday Evening Serenade which was created by Olivia Gilmore to give artists the opportunity to perform and get their music heard when I first met singer Cocoa Sarai. What stuck out to me most about Cocoa Sarai was that she not only had an amazing voice BUT she was also a performer (some people can sing but have no stage presence). I felt Cocoa’s energy as soon as she walked on stage, throughout the entire performance I was captivated by her soulful voice and her ability to be honest with the audience. Her song “Raining In My Room” was dedicated to her mom who loved the song and passed away from cancer three years ago. She released the video on the anniversary of her moms passing to share it with the world. As an artist of any kind it is always the hope that your work speaks loud enough for people to hear it and get it. Cocoa Sarai as an artist and performer is making a lot of noise, she is kind and has an energy about her that just makes you want to jam with her.

The video “Raining In My Room” was creative, I loved the fact that it was a well thought out video. From the opening with Cocoa Sarai running in black and white and then coming out the water in the tub in color. The simplicity was what gave it the spunk it needed to seem real, from the model that was in the video (as Coco’s love interest)  to the playful images of what was (before they broke up) you related because at one point or another that was you. And I just love her grey and black hair! Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts about the song and video!

Cocoa Sarai

Cocoa Sarai performing at the Sunday Evening Serenade



Extra! Cocoa Sarai performs at the Garden! Watch as she sings the Star Spangled Banner below….