Concerts and Condoms

Concerts and Condoms

Safe sex and great music are such obviously amazing things that one might find it hard to believe that a single organization can combine both things. But the organization Lifebeat does just that.

Lifebeat is a volunteer organization where volunteers go to major concert venues in New York and hand out free lube, condoms, and information cards with STD prevention information and statistics on them to concert goers. After everyone has trickled in and the opening act has started, volunteers pack up and are free to stay and enjoy the concert at no cost.
Last night was my first time volunteering for the group. I had signed up to work two previous shows, but they were cancelled due to lack of volunteers. That’s the one of the downfall of the organization; it depends entirely on volunteers to work events. So if volunteers cancel at the last minute, Lifebeat organization does not show up that night since at least two volunteers must be present.
Thankfully, last night all the volunteers who signed up actually showed up to work the Ciara show at Best Buy Theater. I am not a very outgoing person, well, soberly outgoing person. So I was kind of wary about standing at the entrance doors yelling “free condoms!” and encouraging often intoxicated strangers to stock up on free lube as well. Obviously, there are some total wankers (just go with it,sometimes I like to let my 11% British ethnic origins shine) who were like “oh yeah I’ll take this! Can I use it to f*ck you?”. Like really dude? Really? Have you ever gotten a girl like that? Just say thank you and get your slobbering self away from me.

The fact that I know I am actually helping a lot of people to prevent unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS is worth dealing with those few horny assholes. I had a guy tell me he never used condoms because they were so expensive, but he’ll definitely use the ones I gave out for free. It felt really rewarding to know that I was actually making a difference. Another lady in her mid 60s grabbed a whole handful of condoms, which instantly gave me hope for my later years. You do you girl.
And of course, the fact that I got to stay for the concert as well was another awesome reward. Ciara absolutely killed it. ย Her dancing was unbelievable, and she showed a really heartfelt and gracious attitude towards her fans as well as her backup dancers, singers, and band members. I wish she would have focused a little more on singing since she has such an incredible voice, but the fact that she can still dance just as well, maybe even better, than when she had her first tour ย about a decade ago is extremely impressive. At one point, she pulled some lucky bastard on stage and gave him the most magnificent/one of the only lap dances I have ever seen.
After watching her seductive dance moves and listening to both her intense love songs as well as her more provocativeย ones all night, I am sure many people were thankful that Lifebeat was working the concert. ย Because there is no way anyone in their right mind could not want to bang after that banging show.