Creator’s Message

Message from the Creator of Dorm Room Television: Sharee HerefordS. Hereford, Dorm Room TV's Creator

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to visit Dorm Room Television! I really hope you enjoy the content on the site! With Dorm Room Television, it was my hope to bring what colleges offer inside the dorm rooms, to the TV screen. I started Dorm Room Television while attending SUNY University at Buffalo. I had an idea that if I took what I loved — media and entertainment — and gave the people around me a platform, I could create visual content that college students everywhere would be able to relate to and enjoy.

With a simple camera and some highly opinionated students I created my first TV segment “Relationships On Campus.” From there, I kept doing segments on my school’s campus cable, covering fashion shows, concerts, topics involving social issues, and so much more. I loved doing it, but then I graduated (womp womp). So I decided to turn Dorm Room Television, which started as a college show, into a website. Making that transition from campus to the real world, I realized that the conversations happening in the dorm rooms were just a microscopic version of topics that happened every day, out in the world.

Now, Dorm Room Television isn’t just for college students anymore. I’m creating it to be an outlet for the person who loves short films and web series, as well as the person who loves to talk about Beyonce and what pop stars are up to. It’s for the fashion maven, the music guru, the beauty expert, the highly opinionated know-it-all, and the person deeply invested in social issues, because when those college students graduate, these are the people they become. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Please feel free to email us and give us feedback, as we are always open to hear from our supporters. Thank you!