Dear Adam Sandler, Please Stop Making Movies

Dear Adam Sandler, Please Stop Making Movies

As you may have heard, Adam Sandler’s most recent film production for The Ridiculous Six has been halted after a dozen of Native American talent, including Navajo tribal member Loren Anthony, have walked off the set because of the film’s low-brow, racist humor. The actors, who mostly consist of Navajo descent, found the content of the film’s jokes distasteful, such as the fact that there’s apparently multiple jokes that revolve around insulting native women and elders, and grossly misrepresenting Apache culture. Some fine examples include female characters responding to names like Beaver’s Breath and No Bra, an actress portraying an Apache woman squatting and urinating while smoking a peace pipe, and feathers inappropriately positioned on a teepee. Yep, sounds like an Adam Sandler movie.

The Happy Madison production (which is being distributed by Netflix) had the assurance of Anthony and others when they were told a cultural adviser would be on set and that the film would not “be racist” (that’s it, that’s the funniest part about this whole movie). Things started to get weird on set Monday and the actors were told that the offensive nature of the jokes were “not intentional” and “for comedy” by the production team. When given an ultimatum of shutting up and ignoring the use of stereotypes, racist humor, and all around disrespect to all Nations people or getting out, the actors were told by the producers they should leave. So that’s rightly and exactly what some did. “They just treated us as if we should just be on the side,” said Anthony. “When we did speak with the main director, he was trying to say the disrespect was not intentional and this was a comedy.” Neither Adam Sandler, Happy Madison Productions, or the filmmakers have commented on the matter.

To make things even more infuriating, Netflix has made a statement defending the film. “It’s called ridiculous for a reason” said a Netflix spokeswoman. She went on to explain that they have a very diverse cast and they’re in on the joke, even though the only diverse cast in this case appears to be Terry Crews and Danny Trejo, who do not speak for the Native American community. But rumor has it there may be another walk out thanks to Loren Anthony for speaking up.

Seriously, shame on you Adam Sandler. If your idea of comedy is insulting other cultures for the sake of “humor”, then maybe you shouldn’t be in show business at all. But what else do you expect from the same guy who gave us one of the worst films ever made, the really racist You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, and so help me, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, a half-assed attempt to be gay-positive that could’ve been really good if they stuck with the original script. But apparently to Sandler, putting buddy Rob Schneider in gross use of Yellowface in the film is just funnier for some reason (are you noticing the racist patterns in his films yet?). And depending on how you look at it, Eight Crazy Nights is a little bit embarrassing for the Jewish community–weird considering Sandler himself is of Jewish descent, and you’d think he’d wanted to make a nice film about his people. But he seems to understand the kind of stuff his niche audience enjoys, which consists of dumb 14-year-old boys that wear too much Axe body spray and probably have Cool Ranch Doritos stains on their fingertips.

But please for the love of moviegoers globally Mr. Sandler, either drastically change your act (which by the way you’ve done very well this ONE time) or please spare us your dumb ass movies.