Dear Yesterday by: Jordan Jd Crafton

Dear Yesterday by: Jordan Jd Crafton

Every so often I run into thee amazing & talented Jordan Jd Crafton, whether its by a facebook message, phone call, or an instagram message he always manages to pop up at the right time. This time our encounter came because he is working with Nick Cannon on the set of his new film “King of the Dancehall.” I was first introduced to Jordan by my lil brother Seun. I had spoken to Jordan on a few occasions because he is a film maker, editor, and artist. Each time that I have ever spoken to Jordan I have always been inspired to do more. A true artist he is, every time I have come across Jordan’s work I always start to reflect and this piece was no different. Titled “Dear Yesterday” the fourth installment of the “Black & White” series. Jordan took a unique approach to speak about yesterday, essentially confronting the past, he took himself and added Actress/Model Sasha Delvalle, Musician Nigel Inniss, and Actor/Health Coach Peggens Altidor to take yesterday head on.

In less than five minutes, Jordan had me sitting in one spot thinking about my own yesterday’s. I am a deep thinker by nature and this just took me to a place that I rarely like to travel because its scary. Yesterday is gone but it holds so much power. Yesterday can mentally help or trap you, so many people are affected today by yesterdays demons. What made this piece so powerful was the honesty, the rawness, and the clarity that it brought. Yesterday is a place that is a memory but within the memory lies so much of why we are who we are today. There is so much to say about yesterday that goes unsaid, and I think learning to talk about yesterday will help us with our present day selves. Once we address yesterday and be able to understand what happened or why it happened I think helps us to become a better you in a sense. That’s just my take on it, check out “Dear Yesterday” below…