Do Black People Get Prenups ???

Do Black People Get Prenups ???

I was having a conversation with a friend about another friend getting married and somehow we got on the topic of prenuptial agreements. ” Black people don’t get prenups unless they are rich.” The statement came from my friend and then she went on to say, “If you get a prenup it’s like planning ahead for your divorce.” I know a lot of people align a prenup with planning for a divorce and while I get the theory I personally don’t see a wanting a prenup as a bad thing or planning for divorce, more young black adults are getting married, and while you may not be rich now that doesn’t mean you won’t acquire wealth during your marriage. And I know everyone wants their marriage to last until death do you part but the reality of the situation is that you might get a divorce and it can get ugly depending on how and why you are deciding to split from your spouse.

prenuptial-agreement-premaritalAnd not having a prenuptial agreement can open you up to a lot of unwanted misery in case you do split ways with your spouse. For instance lets say you make more money than your spouse and you get a divorce, do you really want to pay alimony if you divorce? And what if you own a business or had a business before you got married and now you are divorced and your ex wants half? Lets not even discuss if your spouse had debt before coming into the marriage, now that you are getting a divorce you  may be sharing their debt. All of these things should be considered before saying “I do.” Its tricky because when you are getting married you don’t want to think about what you should walk away with in case you divorce.

I still think that the old saying rings true, “better to be safe than sorry.”