Do Moms Still Stay At Home?

Do Moms Still Stay At Home?


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Last week myself and a few other students at my University were invited to an alumni mixer sponsored by The Black-Hispanic Alumni Association. I was super excited to meet alumni from different walks of life and especially to see alumni who look like me! While introducing myself to some of the attendees and starting some small-talk conversations, I met one woman whose response to my question stuck with me.

“What did you study?”

“Oh, I studied accounting.”

“That’s so cool! What do you do now?”

“Well I’m actually a stay at home mom.”

It was not so much her answer itself but the way she sort of lost her light a bit as she said it. Me being naturally curious about everything began to ask her questions about her child and what that is like. I saw her perk up a bit after realizing I was genuinely interested in her day-to-day activities as a mom. Being as I one day want to be a mom, I am always interested in hearing mother narratives, however, I have picked up on the side-eye looks working woman sometimes give stay at home moms.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with being a mom that stays at home with in children, in fact, I think that should be a part of a child’s early stages of life. I also know that for some women having this choice is not an option, however, if it is possible I think it is one women (and men) should take. There is nothing more beautiful to me than watching vlogs like The Nive Nulls, The LaVigne Life, The Daily Davidson’s and more show their day-to-day activities with their young children.

The reason I felt the need to share the interaction between myself and the alumni mentioned because I feel no woman should be less than because she decides to stay at home with her children. It is 2015 and many woman have fought to not be confined to the home, but women also have the ability to make choices and if that links up with one woman’s path, who is anyone to judge?

This discussion also plays into the can women have it all debate that our very own founder Sharee wrote about here. It seems a choice always has to be made by women to have a family or a career, but like mentioned above, if a woman chooses to make her family her career then I am all for it! Never let anyone dim your light mommies, I salute you!