Does College Still Matter? #BlackMillennials Answer (Video)

Does College Still Matter? #BlackMillennials Answer (Video)

Black Millennials answer the question, does college still matter?

Remember when you got your acceptance letter to the college of your choice? It didn’t matter in that moment how much tuition was or if you could actually handle the workload demanded by professors. All that mattered was that you won, you worked hard and you got in. Flash forward to graduation, you are capped and gowned, you are not thinking about paying back school loans or finding your dream job, in that moment you won again. It’s not until you wake up and see Sallie Mae and her squad sitting in your inbox and mailbox demanding money that you second guess the point of higher education.

Does College Still Matter? #BlackMillennials Answer

The debate on whether or not college still matters has been a big one especially with people gaining success and income through social media and reality television. Black millennials are attending college but once they graduate some may feel based on their present circumstance that school isn’t necessary. The Questions is a show that asks millennials of color tough questions about life, relationships, social issues, and so much more, we often have these discussions with our friends when the camera is off. Ever wondered what the answers to these hard questions might be once a camera is rolling?  Watch below as six Black millennials tackle the question…does college matter?

Video: The Questions: Season 1, Does College Still Matter?