Dorm Room Creatives

Who is a Dorm Room Creative?

A Dorm Room Creative is a person who creates. We over complicate things, this is not one of those times where things needs to be over complicated. We want to provide a cool space where YOU the creative can showcase your work. This is a shared platform, why not use it to spread the word about your work? We don’t judge, we just share your creative content.

What can we submit?

Short Stories

Long Stories





All that cool stuff you create and put on Etsy

And anything else you can think of that deserves a platform.


How many times can you submit your work? 

As many times as you want.


What do I need to provide along with my submission?

Anything that you send us please make sure it’s your original work (don’t front).

We want to give credit where where is due. Send in all of your information (web page link, social media handles etc) and any other information that you want us to have.


This is specifically designed for the creatives, we want you to use this platform to showcase your amazing work. If you have any more questions please email us! To submit your work email us at  Subject Line Must Read “Dorm Room Creatives”

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