Dorm Room Q&A…If you could fix one thing about yourself what would it be? Something that is not physical.

Dorm Room Q&A…If you could fix one thing about yourself what would it be? Something that is not physical.

I always like to do what I call the “Dorm Room Q&A” this is basically where I go on a social network and pose a question because I want honest feedback. Usually I already have a theory brewing in my mind and just need confirmation that what I may believe could actually possess some underlining truth. The question was, “If you could fix one thing about yourself what would it be?” The catch was that it wasn’t something physical, it is always easy to say I need to loose weight or I would fix my acne problems the list could really go on. We wake up each day and look at our selves in the mirror and more people than less become their worst critics before they even brush their teeth.

People rarely look at themselves past the surface, we all know that we live in a surface based society. Everything is about image and looking good. People will even look up to people because it is now assumed that a particular person is smart and can give you something that you need in order to be a better person in life. There is however a small percentage of people who wake up with the genuine interest in trying to become a better person from the inside out, their intent is to make that beautiful so it can radiate and seep through their pores until it flows right on out. So I wanted to know what people would change about themselves if it wasn’t physical? Most people said their attitudes, I had already assumed that this would be the biggest answer and it actually prompted my question.

I assumed that most people would openly say they have a bad attitude, they would be able to identify they need to change but have most likely taken zero steps to do so. Just like most people also know that they have bad tempers, or the lack of motivation to do things that they want to do. So if everyone can come to an agreement about themselves as to what they need to change why don’t we all simply do it? I then thought of it like a surface based issue, people who can easily say they need to loose weight but can’t seem to take the necessary steps in order to get the ball rolling.

Case in point the person who is a “Perpetual procrastinator” as they put it would on the surface just look like a lazy unmotivated person. But something is clearly wrong on a deeper level, nobody in my opinion just wakes up and says to themselves, “today all the important things I need to do I will simply not do it because I don’t care about my life.” I just don’t believe it, I do believe that people genuinely don’t agree that being a good person is more important than having the perfect body. If I were to do a poll and ask people if they could have a better attitude or a better body I would bet a high amount of money that the “better body” would win. Reason being we can properly acknowledge that we have horrible attitudes, but would view having the perfect body a more important attribute to possess.

So what’s the solution, how do we go from waking up in the morning wishing we had more money for liposuction than wishing we could do something to change our attitudes or bad habits? My solution is simple, we would all need to change the critiques that we give ourselves. Imagine if we woke up looked in the mirror and said, “I should really start smiling more,” or “I really should try and be nicer to my co-workers even though they get on my nerves.” We analyze everything that happens to us but never consider how we could have made it better. How many times the same┬áscenario will play itself out time and time again in our lives, someone is rude to you on the bus, or someone says something slick, or you decide to put something off until next week. We are placed in the same situations over and over again we have to actually use the “lesson learned” moments because they always pop up again.

Yes we live in a surface based world but we are still humans capable of being better. Like the Maya Angelou quote goes, “When you know better you do better.” We have to actually be better and stop saying “I should be better.” Because if we don’t we will all just be these plastic pretty people with no souls. Dramatic ending but you get the point.