Dorm Room Television Interviews Book Author Audrey McKay

Dorm Room Television Interviews Book Author Audrey McKay

Book Author Audrey McKay

I always go on to get new online books and because I have had a kindle for around two years its as simple as one, two, three, for me to order and receive a book that peaks my interest. After I read some self help, and autobiographies, I always love to do leisure readings because everything else can sometimes feel like homework and a good novel always helps restore me for the next go round of books.

I grew up loving to read, my mother thought it would be a great punishment one day to sit me down and make me read a Goosebumps book and specifically told me “If you finish the entire book you can go outside.” In her mind I would never complete the book before my curfew so she was in a win win situation. She never counted the idea that I loved a good book, I finished that book before 5pm and in the summer that is still enough time to go outside. I ran and told her of my accomplishments and of course she did not believe me. I had to recount everything in the book especially the middle of the story because anyone can read the beginning and end and have a good report. As she skimmed I told her all about the book excited that not only I was going to be able to go outside but that I had read a book in one day and I was only in 5th grade. I still didn’t go outside but the moral is I loveeeee reading!!!!

2940044975859_p0_v1_s260x420So when I stumbled onto a novel called, “Enough Good News” by Audrey McKay I thought I would give it a read. From the description of the book it could have went either way with me, a great read or a toss in the “Hated it section.” I got the book on a Saturday and read it on Saturday (I only got better with my reading lol) after I finished the book I was annoyed! The book ended and I felt like it shouldn’t have ended so many questions were left opened. The main character Sidra was a really great lawyer in Washington D.C living her life as a saved Christian woman (yes the book is a Christian novel) she in the beginning despises her new boss Jensen. Eventually they become a couple.

Their romance heats up the book and then a curve ball is thrown when Sidra finds out she has a long lost sister who she knows nothing about who just so happens to be caught up in Atlanta fighting for her freedom. From there the story takes you through it all, and each character carries the love of God with them even the ones who don’t start out as believers.I realized their was an actual series of four other books along with the first that made it a five book series. I would put each book down and read at a slower pace because the way I was going I would have been done with all 5 books but the end of the weekend.

The Good News Series

With each book written one after another you see the characters new and old grow mentally and spiritually. What made these books in my opinion (and seeing how my opinions are facts lol) so good was the message that they each delivered to readers…everyone is special, everyone has the ability to serve God from where they are at they don’t have to clean up their image before they come to him. The books went into deliverance, had the sinners prayer pop up in each book, and lastly spoke about spiritual warfare (angels and demons) Now I know your like how in the world is this a regular novel then? That was what made this series so great all of this is going on and you follow a concrete plot with real life characters with love, hot relationships (that were able to be hot without being edgy) marriage, people being stalked, kidnapped, domestic violence and so much more.

After reading the series I had to get in touch with the author if nothing more than telling her how much I loved her work. But me being me thought, why not ask her to do an interview for Dorm Room Radio on Blog talk radio? I mean all she could do was say yes or no so I asked and she agreed. It was then that I became nervous because I was going to be interviewing a Christian based writer, all I could think was how do I make this interview interesting without making people fall asleep. Honestly it took me a while to create the questions until I simply thought, “ask her questions that are honest and true to her as an author and you as the interviewer.” After that it flowed, I spoke with her beforehand and I must say her honesty and willingness to help and just be available to readers is simply amazing. Listen to the interview below and make sure you visit her site and purchase just the first book I won’t even tell you get all of them. I know after you read the first book you will definitely buy the rest.