Dorm Room Television’s Empire Watch Party (Recap)

Dorm Room Television’s Empire Watch Party (Recap)

Last week for the season 2 premiere of the hit show “Empire,” Dorm Room Television hosted a watch party. I have always wanted to throw a watch party (life goals lol)! Get some food, drinks, and a bunch of people who love the same show in a room together and it will be a good time. The watch party was held at Brooklyn Nights Bar (497 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) the space is super chill and laid back (the vibe I was going for). The event started at 8pm (from 8-9pm drink specials were 2 for $10 top shelf liquor) and at 9pm the show started. It was my hope to host an event where I could connect with the people who support Dorm Rom Television. I didn’t go crazy publicizing the event, some might say that was a sure way to get people not to show up. For me it’s not about the numbers (well not all the time) it was more about connecting to the people who connect with us all day on social media. So I wanted something small (small in my world is about 40 people) and chill.


Creator of Dorm Room Television Sharee Hereford at Brooklyn Nights Bar

It was around 8:15 when I became nervous that my lack of promoting the watch party was going to come back to bite me in the ass. “Where were the people?” I knew it might have been a long shot trying to get people to come out after school/work to watch a television show they could easily watch in the comforts of their own homes, but I had to keep the faith. I looked at Bobby (the owner of Brooklyn Nights Bar) and sighed. “The people will come, it’s still early.” That was the thought that I had to keep repeating to myself so I wouldn’t let my own negative thoughts defeat me. And then at 8:20pm on the dot (I knew the time because I kept checking) the people starting strolling in. Friendly smiles and extended arms met me at the door (I had been standing outside of the bar so I could greet everyone as they entered).

The people came! I was so excited to meet faces that I had only connected with through social media, we talk all day usually about things in the media and entertainment. Usually we have a good debate at least once a day during our “Dorm Room Talks” on social media in which a question is posed and people respond. It’s always a good to hear what others have to say about a topic. So to go from just talking on social media to coming face to face was truly amazing! We laughed and talked like old friends and people were so open and friendly with one another. While this was not a networking event per say a lot of networking went down, bloggers, publicists, writers, singers, stylist, book authors, promoters, were all in the building and they were exchanging contacts (our supporters are so talented)! I am truly humbled that people took the time out to come to our watch party and we hope to create more events that will bring people together in a safe and fun space. Hmmmm, now what event to have next? Check out the pictures from the Empire watch party below…

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