Down With The RAs

Down With The RAs

So I’m sitting in my room on a Friday night and all of a sudden I get FaceTime call from my friend saying that she got written up for having alcohol in the room after her RAs barged in her room. As soon as I heard that I was tuned in listening to all the juicy details of what happened to my friend in her room. It turned out that my friends were trying to have a girls’ night and they had wine and candles out to do facial, nails and watch movies.

The RAs knocked on the door and asked to come into the room halfway in the door and my friend was like “uh yeah sure” looking around because all of her roommates were in their bra and panties. That’s when the RAs first fucked up because how are you going to barge into someone’s room. Even though the female RAs saw everyone indecent, they still decided to come in with everyone half naked. In my opinion, that’s where they fucked up again because if you see people still naked you should have the decency to be like, “Okay I’m sorry. We’ll go outside while you guys get dressed.”

But back to the story…

As the roommates were putting away the wine bottles, they asked everyone if they were 21 because they saw a lot of liquor bottles in their fridge. As the rules state, RAs aren’t allowed to ask you to open anything if it isn’t in plain sight and the fridge was closing so it wasn’t in plain sight. #fuckupnumber3

When the RAs first came into their room, they said, “Oh we knocked once and came to talk to you guys about the turning down the music and how they were too loud during quiet hours.” That’s when they fucked up again for the fourth time because if you came to talk about the music and the quiet hour rules why are focused on my fridge? Hmmm… something isn’t right there! Them RAs had a mission to search the entire room because they were completely off topic.

Lastly, both of the RAs were white and the residents were all black. One of the RAs told the other, “thanks for your support on this,” and she was shaking when holding up the liquor bottles. AKA she was scared to enter a room full of black and Spanish ladies.

After my friend told me that whole story, I was in complete shock especially when she said one of her roommates weren’t even drinking and didn’t buy any of the liquor. I felt bad for her because she got in trouble for just being in her room. If you’re going to write people up for alcohol at least let them be completely trashed.

So bottom line here’s how the RAs fucked up in a matter of five minutes:

  1. Barging in the room
  2. Staying the room when all of the residents are indecent
  3. Looking for liquor that isn’t in plain sight
  4. Coming in for one reason, but never addressing that the entire time they were there

Moral of the story is RAs have no life and want everyone to be miserable, so they can go fuck themselves.




Mazi K