Could Dr. Huxtable really be capable of Rape ?

Could Dr. Huxtable really be capable of Rape ?

I know that is what I have been thinking these past few days since multiple allegations by women have surfaced stating that Dr. Bill Cosby had sexually assaulted them. “Not Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, not the man who I grew up watching no way no how.”  Those were my thoughts as I watched numerous television personalities as well as news anchors talk about Bill Cosby as if her were a mere mortal he was Fat Albert for crying out loud! I watched “Ghost Dad” and enjoyed his Jello commercials as a child so the idea that the same man who I loved and adored on television could be accused of sexual assault just wasn’t realistic in my mind. Until I thought, what if he did do it?

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It is estimated that Dr. Bill Cosby has a net worth of a whopping $350 million. His money is starting to play a big role into why none of the women ever came forward to tell the truth until now. It was because of is power and prestige that the women felt as though the truth wouldn’t be able to stand on its on. Now with women coming out to speak on their “truths” the spotlight is on Cosby waiting for him to deny such claims. This is not the first time that Cosby has been accused of sexual assault back in 2005 a woman named Tamera Green said Cosby drugged and then assaulted her in the 1970’s. Right before that Andrea Constand filed a lawsuit in 2004 accusing Cosby of the same offense. Oddly enough Constand’s lawyer produced 11 more women who claimed the same thing happened to them. The suit was settled and as part of the agreement they couldn’t talk about the incident publicly.

Now years later the topic of “America’s favorite Dad” being a rapist is back in the media. Watch below as Barbara Bowman speak up about what happened to her.

It’s hard to imagine that Dr. Cosby could have done any of the things that he is being accused of, but then again is it only hard because we cannot separate the man from the work? When you look at all of that Cosby has achieved and all that he has done for young people its hard to imagine that he could ever hurt a fly. I must say that I am stuck myself, the facts are that women have been saying that Cosby has assaulted them for years but he was never brought up on any charges. Barbara Bowman who also claimed she had been a victim stated that she came back to Cosby after he assaulted her. She even let him take care of her (supplying her with an apartment and financed her acting career). Why would she keep coming back if he was drugging and raping her? Her answer was because she was terrified and she was young. It’s not unrealistic to be a young girl scared and willing to go with the “flow” of things because she is being mentally as well as physically abused.

And then I look at Cosby a charming, educated, and hilarious man and I wonder if the only reason why women are coming forward is because he is Dr. Bill Cosby? The women all say they don’t want money but I am sure book deals and interviews are coming in by the numbers. If they were only after the truth being told why not simply press charges when the assault happened? Why wait all of these years to tell your story? Who is telling the truth? That is something I have been going back and forth with, just because a lot of people come together to agree on something does not mean its the truth, and just because a man is “American’s Favorite Dad” does not mean he is not capable of being a rapist. With social media being the driving force of keeping the spot light on these allegations I wonder what will become of Cosby’s legacy? Up until a couple of days ago when you googled “Bill Cosby” all of his movies and his famous hit show “The Cosby Show” popped up. Now just before listing all of his accomplishments is Janice Dickinson the most recent women stepping into the spot light alleging that Cosby sexually assaulted her. And under that story is Netflix stating they will “post-pone” Cosby’s stand up special that was set to release this month. Under that story follows talks of Cosby’s new sitcom being axed before it even airs on NBC. A majority of people want these women to be lying so the image of our favorite television dad is not tarnished. But somewhere in between what we feel and what is now being told to us we have been silently asking ourselves, could Dr. Huxtable really be capable of rape ?