Drake vs. Meek Mill  (A couple tweets vs. A Couple Bars)

Drake vs. Meek Mill (A couple tweets vs. A Couple Bars)

This all started over a couple of tweets Meek Mill felt the need to get off his chest. The same night that his girlfriend Nicki Minaj was arguing with Taylor Swift about her video nominations and the VMA’s Meek Mill decided to create his very own #twitterBeef. First it was shots against Nicki Minaj’s ex boyfriend Safari and then for some unknown reason he went turned his twitter gun on Drake. Now I don’t know what motivated Meek to go pull out his twitter gun BUT what I do know is that he fired tweets stating that Drake doesn’t write his own raps. He kept going throughout the night and the twitter world went into a frenzy over his allegations that Drake does not write his own raps. The beef started off as Meek Mill vs. Drake but it quickly became a Drake vs. Meek Mill beef.


His twitter shots were literally about a week ago…a week ago! And all we have now are his promises that he will be in the studio soon because he is on tour. (Which he sent to us via Instagram message) Meek, when you take shots especially when its via twitter you should have had your bars ready and loaded. The entire time Meek was taking his twitter shots Drake was silent (which is why in my opinion the beef is going in his favor). This was all over Drake not shouting out his new album (we all know its deeper than that). Since when did hip hop become a damn fraternity? If Drake show love great if not keep it moving, don’t nobody owe anyone anything. According to Karen Civil (via twitter) Meek was mad because Drake didn’t show up to his homecoming concert. Again, be mad and talk yo shit Meek BUT as a rapper don’t just come for another rapper on twitter and then be silent.

Drake stayed silent on social media and released his diss records (another reason why he is winning the beef at the moment). He dropped Uncharged Up ft. Daylyt…listen below…


Then this morning Drake dropped another diss record “Back 2 Back” listen below


Now people can say whatever they want about if the diss records are a go or not but the fact that he is actually releasing music and not tweets speaks volumes. Everyone is just sitting impatiently waiting for Meek Mill to release something. He has been trying to play it off as a joke stating on his twitter account when Drake first dropped his first diss record that “Drake wrote that one.” But Meek is becoming the joke, he is on tour with Nicki and not releasing any music. I honestly feel like if Meek don’t drop some Either part 2 shit then he can keep his diss record. We done waited and by the time he finally drops a track we are gonna be over the entire situation, but he did release his new video with him, Nicki Minaj, and Chris Brown for their single “All Eyes On You.”

Meek needs to just get back to rapping, he was cool before the twitter rants and his over public display of affection towards Nicki Minaj. Not saying that them being together is a bad thing but arguing back and forth every other day with her ex Safaree has gotten very old and corny. What happened Meek? We will keep you posted should Meek decide to get off of social media and back into the studio to drop a diss record.