Elephant Man: Miley Cyrus – Twerk

Elephant Man: Miley Cyrus – Twerk

I just found Elephant’s Man video about Miley Cyrus’ twerking. Before I watched the video I was confused about what he was going to say in the video or what it was going to be in it besides some females twerking. I love Elephant Man and think his music is some of the greatest! (You’re a fool if you don’t think that!) I think the video was hilarious, especially when he says, “You’re ugly like a rhino, twerk it like Miley Cyros.” 

Elephant Man did a great job of making fun of her when her twerking debut was all over the video. Don’t get me wrong I love Miley, but that I love that video too.  Some people on YouTube took the video a little to seriously when it’s seen that it’s a joke. I swear some people need to lighten up not everything is a social issue!

If you haven’t seen the video, check it here now!