Exclamations About Periods

Exclamations About Periods

periodzPeriods! I am not speaking of the grammatical mark you increased the size of to 14 point font to get your paper to be long enough to meet the four page minimum. I am talking about the visit from Aunt Flo, mother nature’s gift, the negative pregnancy sign.  Whatever the hell you want to call it, it is literally blood gushing from a vagina endlessly for about a week.  Ew gross how I dare I call it what it actually is! How dare women actually talk about what our bodies go through. How is it that we can experience periods, but some women are too disgusted to discuss it? Is it perhaps because society makes us feel like we should not talk about periods without sugar-coating it with things like musically upbeat tampon commercials and such?

Recently on intsagram the artist Rupi Kaur posted a photo  in bed of a fully clothed girl with period stained sheets and pants that instagram censored and removed (featured above).  I do not think the photo should have been removed at all. I have seen people post pictures of bloody, broken noses and scraped knees before.  While I was not a fan of those photos from an aesthetic point of view, they were not censored and taken down from the site, so why should Kaur’s picture be? Last time I checked, blood is blood, no matter what body part it oozes from. If people cannot post pictures with blood in it on instagram, then instagram should ban all bloody pictures, not just ones featuring the tiniest amount of period blood.

It seems like some women feel ashamed to publicly acknowledge the most natural process in the word. Kaur, however, was certainly not ashamed. Kaur’s image was an important one because she is one of the women willing to express through art what certain people do not want to acknowledge. I have friends who go to the drugstore only because they need tampons, but they buy a bunch of other things to make the tampon box “blend in” at checkout because they say otherwise they feel embarrassed. Now, I am not saying that everyone has to talk about periods for what they are. of course if a woman chooses to never speak of what happens to her body once a month, that is her choice. i am simply saying that those who do want to talk about bluntly and express it through whatever means they want should not be censored or be made to feel shamed by judgemental cashiers or corporations like instagram.

I included the feature image on this post to prove my point that society  rarely treats menstruation for what it actually is.  This is what most of the pictures look like of women on their period, a very unrealistic portrait if you ask me. I can guarantee you that I have never laid down on my period IN ALL WHITE looking perfectly distressed. No, I am laying in a fetal position in a black hoodie and sweatpants covered in chocolate ice-cream stains and probably blood stains too. Because guess what? That happens, sometimes periods take you by surprise and ruin your get lucky lace undies.

While I am on the ever so fun subject of period talk, I urge of all places of business and all men who have bathrooms without a trash can inside of the bathroom or stall, put a damn garbage can in there.  It is common sense and courtesy. For as much as I do not mind talking about my period, I bet you will mind me walking into your kitchen with a bloody tampon wrapped in toilet paper to throw it away. Seriously. I have encountered bathrooms and stalls with nowhere to dispose of feminine products on one too many occasions.  So let’s just save us all some embarrassment and invest in a bathroom trashcan people. There is a difference between getting embarrassed talking about periods and actually having to carry bloody feminine products out of the stall or bathroom to throw away.

I do hope you appreciated me sparing none of the gory, bloody details on this subject. Stay tuned for more rants to come.