Flash Back Post: You are a Co-Creator with The Creator

Flash Back Post: You are a Co-Creator with The Creator

I watched Master Class the other weekend and I was going to do a full length post on that but for one reason or another I didn’t. It could have been due to being lazy or sometimes being intimidated by blogging, very often when I share my own thoughts I always wonder how people will take it so at times I just report the news or whatever is going on that is cool or crazy to me. But I had an urge to share my thoughts of today because it has been looming over me since yesterday. But back to the story,  on Sunday I watched the OWN Network which featured Oprah Winfrey on her own Master Class which was just part 1 part 2 will air this Sunday.

So I watched and was moved to tears (yes I am a water head) I think the reason why I was so moved was because I was truly having an epiphany. I don’t recall ever having one or even fully understanding if I had had one for that matter. But I really did have one now that I think about it anyway she said something that I could have very well heard many times and did not pay attention to, because when she said the words it didn’t seem unfamiliar to me. Oprah Winfrey stated a couple of things in that segment and even though there were a lot of things I want to share this one makes it because it has relevance to the post lol, she said “We are the Co-Creators of our own life, there is The Creator God and along with him we Co-create our own lives.”

Now this stood out to me because, I don’t think I had ever really thought of it like that. I mean I believe in God and I have religion but I never really thought about being a “co-creator” to be honest I don’t really know what I truly thought after just believing in God and having faith that what I want with hard work will some how come to pass. However when she said that it struck a nerve and then I said well if I am a co-creator have I been doing my part of the job at my very best? I had to be honest with myself because I didn’t have to answer to anyone and I was asking myself and truly had to dig deep and feel myself out on the question that I had just posed. My answer without being too hard on myself was “maybe” I said maybe because every time I had been given an opportunity or a challenge I had tried but not all of those times was it at my very best.

At times it could have been fear or doubt that made me work at a level that wasn’t truly my best. Fear can be major if you let it be, then I kept thinking it could have been the idea that if I give my best and still fail then what? So many times we back down or back out because of the question that persists, “What if I fail?” I can go on, “What if they don’t like me?” “What if I am not good enough” “What if I am not pretty enough” ” What if I am not smart enough?”  I had to realize that most of these questions run through my mind even before I have to do the task. The thought about not being able or good enough gets in my mind at times when I should be thinking and asking myself, “How will I do my very best?” or “How can I use what I know to assist me with this task?”

So as I sit and write these words, I have to remember and so do you that you are a “Co-Creator” with “The Creator.” To put it simply you are working with someone who is perfect and at your best combined with a perfect God think of what you can create for your life. I am no saint and trying my hardest not to be too much of a sinner but when I know something for sure I have to share it. I now know for sure that we are all co-creators with The Creator and even if we have doubt or feel scared when up against a challenge we have to keep in mind we are co-creating with the highest of the high and the best of the best. We all have challenges and we all have those brick walls we face and cannot seem to get out of that rock and a hard place, but listen to yourself always, listen to your dreams, listen to the thing inside of you that doesn’t know how to give up even when you feel like giving up. That I believe is your Creator telling you that he is still there and has not left you, that I do believe for sure.

And lastly we must always operate at our very best on every task and that is something that I am working on myself as well. The definition of best means “Surpassing all others in excellence, achievement, or quality; most excellent.” So when you say I want to be the best we have to understand exactly what that means and really put it into use in everyday life with tasks that are big and small. It is the small stuff that leads to the big stuff I do believe that and the small stuff usually prepares you for the big stuff. So be inspired and courageous even when you are scared because you are co-creating your life with THE CREATOR how cool is that 🙂