Forget these shoes, I’ve got some shares to buy

Forget these shoes, I’ve got some shares to buy

There’s a disease that has been plaguing generations for centuries. The disease is called consumeritis. It’s a vicious disease that can strike anyone at anytime. It doesn’t care if you are rich, poor, black or white. Consumeritis can be deadly to your pockets, if you aren’t careful. Consumeritis is very smart. It’s been training people since before you were born. It’s been scheming against you ever since you were able to start watching television. Consumeritis got a hold of many of us since we were toddlers. Then it was only a mild case. You may have only wanted a few toys, maybe a happy meal from Mcdonalds. As you became older you started to crave more. Consumeritis made you feel as if you needed fancy items in your life to be happy. “The best or nothing” as Mercedes likes to say, but if you let consumeritis consume you, you will have nothing.

If you’re trying to take control of your finances, you need to change your thinking. You need to start thinking like an investor and escape the consumer way of thinking. I know we all like to dress and look nice, but at what price are you willing to pay? You swipe your credit card to order a dress online, you pay extra for shipping because the party is this weekend and you waited until Wednesday to finally decide which one you wanted. You’re not even sure this dress will fit, so you go to Macy’s swipe your credit card again just to have a back up dress. “If it doesn’t fit, I’ll just return” is probably what you tell yourself, but you end up keeping both dresses. Your credit card statement is due in a few days and you only have enough to pay the minimum balance because you wanted to feel special and pay for VIP service at the club.

Your six friends that were supposed to show up, three of them bailed last minute and now you’re left scrambling trying to figure out a way to pay their portion of the bill. Your bank account is suffering, your credit card is being charged more interest with each swipe, and all you’ve got to show for your “good time” is a hang over and 78 likes on your instagram picture. “But who am I to criticize how you play your cards.” J. Cole

Fellas yall aren’t off the hook. You just graduated and now you want to stunt in a brand new car, a car that in the long run will probably be just as high as your student loan debt. In your mind you’ve made it because you can lease a 2014 luxury vehicle. Your boy just got a nice car, so it was only right for you get yourself one too. Notice I said boy, boys like to play with toys. Boys can spend all day playing with toys because they have no real responsibilities, they don’t have any bills, and they don’t have any goals. Men focus on building wealth, and building legacies. For now they sacrifice and get a used car that will get them to their destination just fine. Real men wait until they can fully pay for the car, or find some kind of investment opportunity to pay for it. But again, “who am I to criticize how you play your cards.” J. Cole

Lord knows I haven’t always made the best decisions with money. My poor decisions with money helped me realize I needed to make richer ones. I had to realize that my money goals are more important than a pair of shoes. I had to elevate my way of thinking. I had to come to the conclusion that basic thinking wouldn’t get me very far in life. If I wanted to reach my major goals, I couldn’t afford to think minor. The first chapter of my upcoming e-book is called: Forget these shoes, I’ve got some shares to buy. My e-book, which will be available on Monday December 22, is for anyone who always wanted to take control of his or her finances.

Young Urban Investor's ebook available Dec.22,2014

Young Urban Investor’s ebook available Dec.22,2014

In order to be an investor you have to start to think, and act like one. That means thinking long-term. You have to first stop thinking that having certain clothes, shoes, cars and watches make you look rich and learn to be happy with having money in your accounts. Having wealth is the real luxury, not having designer brands. You have to be able to have discipline and delay your gratifications. If you spend all you have today, then you won’t have anything to show for it tomorrow. You have to be able to train your brain on what the real definition of luxury is. Luxury is having money in your bank account. Luxury is being able to pass on wealth to the next generation. Luxury is being able to not worry about money. Luxury is being able to sleep at night because all your bills are paid on time. Luxury is knowing you can afford those designer brands, but being happier with building your net worth and reaching your goals.

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“Wherefore is there a price in the hand of a fool to get wisdom, seeing he hath no heart to it?” (Proverbs 17:16) We can’t afford to be foolish about our finances anymore, especially if you plan to build wealth for the next generation. When it comes to investing you need plenty of time in order for your money to grow. I’m not saying don’t buy anything, but be smart about. Figure out your financial goals,budget, and even make your finances automatic.



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