Four Reasons I’m OVER Award Show Season

Four Reasons I’m OVER Award Show Season

Yes, it’s that time of the year—again where the new season of award shows comes to a television near you and does what it does best: Bore the hell out of you! (At least that’s what it feels like when you finally sit down and watch them).

With week-after-week promotion and big A-List name-dropping appearances you’d think award shows would value their viewers and give more than the usual 2-3 hours of corny comedy bits, lackluster performances, socially awkward jokes (No Bill Cosby, please God) and of course my personal favorite: “The white host acknowledges that racism is a ‘thing’ in the United States and makes a stand to end racism right here and now!” scripted speech. *Insert Eye Roll gif here*

But all that being said, let’s take a look at four reasons why award show season needs to take a final curtain call.

4. Time Length
Why the hell does it take so long for an award show to end? I swear I sit down expecting the show to be over by 11 p.m. because I (like most people) have to work or have class the next morning and don’t want to start the week off cranky and agitated because BET saved a VHS copy of Beyoncé and Jay-Z performing ‘across the pond’ for the closing act or the Academy Awards saving the Oscar for the snub of the year in the Movie of the Year category last! It’s ridiculous and when I said 11 p.m., I’m definitely talking to my East Coast family.

“Like hello, remember us East Coasters over here? Yeah it’s going 8:45 over there in Hollyweird, but we’re fourfiveseconds from Monday morning and we’d like to sleep now, so Mr. Stephen Hill, pop the Beyonce tape in now please.”

Honestly, cut it…L iterally. Bad enough I done sat through 3 Sunday morning church services, now you want me to ask God to “Bless all the Trap Niggas” in your 4 hour sermon? Pitiful and a waste! Next!

3. Performances
*Sigh* performances have gone downhill… Tremendously. Maybe because it’s the sign o’ the times changing in music or artists have lost key factors when performing live.

Remember when James Brown was honored at the BET Awards and Michael Jackson came out and threw Brown’s legendary cape on him? Or what about the time Britney Spears went all shitfaced to the VMAs in ’07 and had everyone in tears laughing? And how could you forget about the Destiny’s Child reunion in the same year? I ask you these questions because these were some key moments when you didn’t know what to expect. Today’s rappers, singers, etc. don’t try all that hard anymore and nothing seems even close to rehearsed.

For example, I don’t care what anyone says, Fetty Wap closing out the BET Awards last month was a gawd damn mess! Oh you don’t remember that? Well maybe it’s because Fetty performed for about a blinks worth (all puns intended) of time.

All I saw in his performance (and others alike) are the same pyro antics artists of today use. It’s like somebody fell asleep on the “pyro” button backstage because that’s all you see. Feels like I’m watching a damn 80’s action movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger or something… Next!

2. Lack of Diversity
Ain’t no diversity, bihh. Whether it be nominees or winners, the last few years alone have had me wondering: “Are Blacks just not as entertaining as the media would lead you to believe?”
Unless we are playing the role of a maid, butler, grief-stricken mother, drug dealers, child molesters, corrupt co—You know what let’s just call it the role of Niggers. Unless we are playing the role of a simple nigger, we don’t get the awards. With the exception of few greats in Black film, we don’t get the nominations or acknowledgement that rightfully deserve.

Fruitvale Station was “overlooked” in the award season, yet 12 Years A Nigge—I mean Slave gets not only the nominations, but Oscar for movie of the year? And while White America fell in love with Sister Lupita and her flawless “Black don’t crack skin”, Brother Chiwetel Ejiofor didn’t get an Oscar for lead actor.
Now some of you will pull the “It was too late for deadlines” card on that, and I’d pull my “Bullshit!” card. Why is it that we have to wait for white audiences to fall in love with stereotypes of Blacks before we can get our much deserved recognition for other positive roles portrayed in film? Next!

1. Snubs
I don’t want no snub, a snub is a snub that can’t get no love from me. (See what I did there? No? You must be too young). Diversity and snubs are so similar, yet different. Once you get past the diversity problem, you are automatically faced with the question of “Can a Black man/woman get this award tonight?”
J. Cole is the king of snubs, no one wants to recognize his talent and the commitment he puts into his productions. And now Nicki Minaj is starting to feel the cold shoulder with her music.
Not to forget about my acting sistahs, Kerry Washington cannot get Emmy for Scandal to save her life and the show is entering its fifth season, like damn. And while Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson are both nominated for the Emmy, neither of their shows (who have Black showrunners) are nominated. Interesting.

These award shows leave nothing to the imagination because we know to expect when there is only one Black man/woman nominated and surrounded by a sea of white faces who have more than one award under their belt: Nothing. No wins just disappointment and having to wait for NACCP or BET Awards to get the wins.

All in all, award shows are becoming repetitive in nature and something needs to change… And soon. Who’s to say that there must a similar format to these events every year? Times change for the better and award show season is no exception nor should it have ever have been. Give me something new, different and easy to follow. Create a fair and balanced system for actors, musicians, and etc. of a minority so that they can get well deserved recognition! Either add changes or just send the awards in the mail like you all do anyway.