Funkmaster Flex Rants Against Jay Z…Again.

Funkmaster Flex Rants Against Jay Z…Again.

Dj Funkmaster Flex has been dropping more than just Flex bombs on music when it comes to his rants against Jay Z. Now we all know Flex has been a super duper supporter of Jay Z so why is Flex so mad now? Well according to Flex it all started from the Life and Times article which is Jay Z’s online site. According to Flex, Jay Z disrespected him by asking him about his relationship with Hip Hop group Dipset. In this rant which I found especially entertaining Flex called Jay Z a “Corporate Commercial Rapper.” What made Flex really mad was when Jay Z supposedly sent him a text message and put his name in caps. Now if that aint some funny shit I don’t know what is, honestly being a fan of Jay Z I don’t even think he cares at this point. On the previous rant Flex said Jay Z copied his app idea and created his own so now Flex is airing out all the dirty laundry.

Flex has already said that if Jay Z comes at him on a track then he is going to talk about him everyday on the radio. Flex is an emotional person, so I guess he was tight by the way Jay communicated with him. At this stage in the game neither Jay Z or Flex need each other, and since Flex is a DJ and not a rapper I don’t see how long this “feud” can be entertaining to the masses. Listen below and tell me your thoughts, is Flex being too emotional or is he right for going off on Jay Z??

Part 1 of the rant….