Game Over: The Game comes to a close, but will I miss it?

Game Over: The Game comes to a close, but will I miss it?

And I know the title is a little corny, but yes, after nine seasons, seven years and 146 episodes the BET series (originally the CW’s) The Game faces it’s swan song in a hour long series finale (which is not enough damn time). But honestly, if you are true fan of The Game, then the show ended for you when season 2 came to a close, but I digress. I thought when I heard The Game’s series finale announcement, it would leave me feeling a little down because at one point this show had everything: great actors, star-studded guests, and hilarious moments (and that was just the first 2 seasons). But when I heard the announcement that the show was ending at season 9, sadly I rejoiced! What was once a fan favorite is now a seemingly forced comedy show that BET is pimping out for ratings, and that sucks because that’s not how it started out.

The summer of ’06 marked the new network “The CW” which was a merger between UPN and The WB. For those that don’t remember this is when they tried to pull that Men In Black hocus pocus on us and think we’d forget that they’d cancelled Eve and All of Us *Drake’s voice*: Remembuh? They didn’t really love us… Anywho, that’s when new shows like The Game came along. The Game was originally a spin-off of the one the best shows on television Girlfriends, hence Girlfriends and The Game had the same creator/writer Mara Brock Akil (Being Mary Jane) and executive producer Kelsey Grammer. Yes, that Kelsey Grammer… Yes, Fraiser was kickin’ wit’ us and didn’t lie either, how you doin’ Rachel D? Back to reality, Melanie Barnett was the cousin of Girlfriend’s Joan Clayton (Tracee Ellis Ross) and they had two crossover episodes back in the day. Proof is right here.

The Game did two great seasons on The CW. This was ‘our’ Empire back in the day. This show depicted the behind the scenes life of football players and their relationships. The show did so good that it survived the Writer’s Strike ’07-’08, where it’s lifeline Girlfriends didn’t. Now The Game went on to season 3 on The CW, which is where the biggest problem came: the story lines FELL THE HELL OFF!! *Quick rewind* Melanie was whiny, depressed and shallow because Derwin got his season 2 girlfriend Janay (Gabrielle Dennis) pregnant and she was about to have that break baby, Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson) had no depth whatsoever, Kelly (Brittany Daniel) & Jason Pitts (Cory Bell) divorce was long winded and awkward and no one ever care about Malik (Hosea Chanchez) and his same playboy antics. Even the guest stars Stacey Dash, Michael Boatman and Jason Moama didn’t help the show, which led to the cancellation known as that two-year hiatus.

Cast-of-The-Game-season-five-1Fast forward two years later, The Game was resurrected on BET after fans petitioned it’s return because the show ended abruptly. Once BET got their hands on the show, it went downhill from there: shorter seasons, horrible storylines and of course the departure of fan favorites Melanie “Med school” Barnett-Davis (Tia Mowry-Hardrict) and Derwin “Ding-Dong” Davis (Pooch Hall) and Kelly Pitts. Now some say Tia left because she was tired and wanted to focus on family and for the Ray Donavan fans out there you know Pooch left to join the series (so they say), but this brings me back to my point; I won’t miss The Game.

That series-ending announcement came with a “About damn time” remark from me, because BET has dragged this thing out long enough. From the 2011 to now, it didn’t feel the same as it did during the original 3 season airings. Even with all the new stars like Lauren London, Brandy and Jay Ellis the storylines didn’t improve whatsoever. BET broke the show up into two parts between different seasons, which made it harder to keep up with the show, ultimately left most “viewers” asking the same question: “The Game still comes on…why?”

The show ran it’s course and even BET execs knew it was time to throw the flag on the play (yeah, I went there) and call it quits. Even with the return of Brittany Daniel, there seemed to be no hope left as the current season only has 10 scheduled episodes.

So all in all, I wonder how the show will end Wednesday. I have watched the last few episodes just to get ready for the ending and trust me, that was a mistake, but I had to–I was trying to see how the return of Melanie & Derwin would be introduced (it wasn’t). This most wasn’t meant to drag The Game through the mud, I just call it like I see it. I hope the ending gives justice to the characters, but an hour isn’t long enough so it’ll interesting to see what they do. The last promo shows that everyone who was once important is returning, but you never know.

Will you be watching? The Game series finale premieres this Wednesday night at 10 p.m. E/T.