Get a Journal…it helps with everything.

Get a Journal…it helps with everything.

The day I decided to write down my thoughts was the day I found a new refuge from this crazy world. When I was younger I had a “Diary” you know the cute pink book with the cheap ass lock that your mom or cool aunt got you. It was where I wrote how much I loved my crush and how much I hated my mother because she wouldn’t let me get my ears pierced for the second time. (Thank God she made me wait, because if not I would have had endless amounts of ear piercings and Walt Disney characters tatted on my body). As I got older I didn’t keep a diary, and when I did decide to write my thoughts down they would be in gaps and spaces. I would get a diary and the dates would be March 13, 2010 “Dear Dairy, I am so happy to have you! I am going to be chronicling my life play by play, giving you my all and so much more. March 15, 2011 “I am back Diary, I know I haven’t been writing in a while but I promise I will start being more focused.”


Somewhere in between my broken promises to my diary I would loose it or start scribbling down doctors appointments and other notes to myself. It wasn’t until I turned 25 which seems like many moons ago I started to actively write down my thoughts. It wasn’t called a diary, because in my mind I was a grown gal so a journal seemed more fitting. I remember I was going through a lot at 25 (that whole quarter life crisis shit is tooooo real) and I needed a release. Everything was going wrong and I needed someone to tell all my problems to. I pulled out a five star 5 subject notebook that had been on my desk (why did I have a 5 subject notebook on my desk is beyond me) but I had it and I ripped out all of the dividers and filled up the book with my thoughts. I wrote down all my fears, accomplishments, desires, fantasies, dreams, drama queen moments my journal held everything. It was like my thoughts were being released and my journal just allowed me to be. I didn’t feel judged or felt like I was being annoying because I would be mad at something for weeks and for weeks I wrote about it.

Most of all it showed me my personal growth. I would read entries over at later dates and couldn’t believe I was stressed out over certain things. I was able to see where I was also stagnant, certain issues kept popping up and I was able to see my role and Iyanla my ass lol. When you journal its not just writing down your life it’s also a release of things built up that you didn’t even realize lingered in your mind. I would be soooo mad and before I would call or send an angry text I would write my anger out in my journal. Once I finished writing I realized I was wayyyyy more calmer and found some clarity on the situation. If I would have placed that call or sent that text I would have made a bunch of issues bigger in my life all because my emotions were on 100. (My journal saved a lot of lives mines included) There were also times when I would have a problem and just write it down and by the time I came to the end I was writing a solution. I would be stating my problem ranting and I could feel myself calm down and then I would write out a solution because I was clear (this is not in every entry because sometimes its just a good rant and that’s it). But writing in a journal is a commitment you have to really write daily or at best every couple of days, and once you start you really enjoy it. Something amazing would happen to me and I couldn’t wait to write about it in my journal because I could be honest and just give a play by play that most people wouldn’t care to hear. So yes get a journal, write it out, and trust me you will really be amazed by how much writing down your thoughts can help you to gain a calm and clarity that you never thought could be possible.