Gospel Saxophonist Angella Christie

Gospel Saxophonist Angella Christie

Gospel Saxophonist Angella Christie

While watching some interviews from past gospel shows I came across an interview being done by CeCe Winans with a gospel saxophonist. First off, I have never even heard the term “Gospel Saxophonist” like what is that exactly? I don’t even know why I went on to click the interview because I really had no idea who Angella Christie was, the violin and drums were my favorite instruments so I did not believe I would get much out of the interview. Boy was I wrong! First off, she never even played her saxophone during the interview she simply spoke about God and her life. It was her grace through this one interview that made me look her up and actually hear her talent. We often say when a person can sing they have a “voice of an angel” well in this case Angella Christie plays the saxophone like angel there is no other way to explain it….Listen below to her version of the famous gospel song “Total Praise”

I have never in my life been moved to tears and felt God use anyone to speak to the masses through a saxophone. I watched that video and literally felt the presence of God, it moved me and I was worshiping Jehovah in my room at like 3am. Angella Christie says that she learned how to play the saxophone by ear, if you don’t know what by ear means it literally means that in the beginning she had no formal training and learned how to play by simply listening and repeating what she heard.

I was truly amazed by that because she plays so well you would have thought her formal training would have started way earlier than high school but she attending a performing arts high school and that is where her formal training started. Angella Christie has an album out entitled, “The Breath of Life” which is a gospel instrumental with her leading on the saxophone. Angella is truly a woman of God and he has blessed her with a talent that can literally move you into tears and you find yourself raising your hands and giving thanks to God. You can check out her website here —> http://www.angellachristie.com/

Also please watch her interview with CeCe Winans I promise you it is good!